International Standing Order


Hi all,

I now have a need to send a wire to the USA every month. I can see that I can setup domestic standing orders, but I can’t seem to send recurrent payments to the USA. Is this a thing that can be added, or am I just being blind please?




great suggestion Harry

I also look forward to EUR accounts so we can set up SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) as well as the usual BACS Direct Debits (DD)


Very impressed with the Starling rate at the moment too. Paying HSBC £5 to wire $50… vs paying Starling 50p to do the same thing <3


When you set up a standing order, click the UK flag, then click the USA one and enter the details. You have to currently manually click on pay each month though.


Thanks @daedal


Yeah, I’ve just sent the wire over… however I am slightly optimistic about it arriving tomorrow as the app promises.


@hawc let us know how it goes with the transfer.


The app provides an estimated day of arrival, it’s not a guarantee or promise. I sent a small transfer to Germany which arrived next day although the app estimated it would arrive same-day.

An estimate is not a promise or a guarantee. We just need to be mindful of that.


I’d be interested to hear how much is received at the other end, given the discussion in this thread:


Update: the full amount I sent from Starling has arrived with the recepient in the USA.


@hawc: SWIFT or local partner?


Local partner with ACH ticked.


now we only need USD and EUR currency accounts with Starling and a bit more flexibility regarding what currency send where. (e.g. USD to CN)


Pleased to hear your payment went well @hawc!

@alejandro.mery we like a challenge :wink:


Yes please for International Standing Order.
Perhaps requires user accepting an upper-limit on the exchange rate (or upper limit on local currency) - and app notifies if a payment has failed because this limit has exceeded.