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Towards the end of last year I had a phone call from a woman at Starling Bank asking questions for a customer survey. Near the end of the call she asked me if I had any further feedback. I told her I occasionally send money to Spain for family birthday gifts and the like and that I couldn’t do this with Starling. She told me good news it was coming early 2018.

Well now we are nearly a third of the way through 2018 and I still don’t seem to be able to send a payment to Spain. What is the definition of early 2018?

International Payments outside the EU

Hi @Jon, thanks for helping with the customer survey :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, sometimes things take longer than anticipated, and occasionally this can have a bit of a snowball effect. We are already live with international payments on Android, and I promise that our engineers are actively working on bringing this to iOS as well.

A new payment method has a lot of moving parts associated with it, and even when we’re “code complete”, we will want to do extensive testing in production. When we’re talking about international payments this testing takes longer by the very definition of the product (a domestic payment takes a couple of seconds to arrive, whereas an international payment -depending on location- can take days).

Thanks for your patience!


So what is different about Android?


We build both the apps natively to give the best experience but this means we effectively have to build the apps twice.

Different engineers work at different speeds, the platforms have different APIs (animations on Android are incredibly time consuming but other tasks are faster) and we’re human :slight_smile: . We have holidays, family commitments and other demands on time. Usually this only leaves the apps only a couple of weeks apart. For a variety of reasons we’ve ended up with quite a gap on this one and we’re sorry about that.

We are now actively testing sending international payments on iOS with staff though so it’s nearly there. As Kjersti said, the testing window once the code is complete is quite a bit longer for this feature. We are dependent on the speeds of payment schemes around the world!


Nice one, Sam :+1:t2: Please don’t rush something to please the community. Take your time and get it right :smile:


Hey @Jon, just wanted to follow up to let you know we’ve now pushed a release with the international payment update to iOS.
iOS Release 0.48.0 - International Payments


Looks like @Jon gets the special treatment :grinning:

Nice response and good work, @kjersti.larsen and @sam.


Thank you.


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