Interesting Starling Fact!


Hi everyone,

Lets have a bit of fun on this beautiful day! :grinning:

Where did Starling make their first card purchase? :credit_card: and if you’re a true Starling :nerd_face: the month and year?

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine :sunny:



Osprey London in November 2016.


I can confirm it is Osprey London and was indeed November 2016. Great knowledge @Ben. I should have said no Guru to answer this haha


Genius, Ben…!!!


Ben was impressive with that level of knowledge :wink:


I believe the purchase was a Starling purple handbag too. :slight_smile:


Where did you source that little nugget, @thom_horne?


I remember it being the handbag too!


Love that!

I was going to suggest that maybe the company vehicle would be the first purchase. I’m sure they’d do a fleet in purple!


I think I remember it being part of a blog post at one time? I cannot for the life of me find it though?

Either way it was a nice looking handbag, if that’s your thing. :wink:

EDIT: I found it:

Also we are all wrong :stuck_out_tongue: :

Our first stop was a small coffee shop, where after some nail-biting and a few butterflies, we bought the best-tasting brownies ever – for the enormous amount of £1.80.


Not according to my sources, hmmmm.


You are on the ball @Joe_Merriman


Same; the blog post suggests the brownies but another source I have suggests the bag. :wink:


Maybe she bought the brownies and took them home in the handbag :grin:


We wil get to the bottom of this :wink:


…the handbag or the story?


If it’s like Mary Poppins carpet bag you will never get to the bottom of it. :handbag:


Loads of Starling goodies at the bottom :slight_smile:


Do we actually know where it is? @anne, are you using it?! I’m genuinely interested, as sad as that may be… :joy::joy::joy:


It looked a nice quality bag so I guess yes