Integration with Trov


Are there any plans to partner with mobile phone/gadget insurance providers in the Marketplace? I recently started using one called Trov, and I think this would be a great idea.


I’ve kept my Nationwide FlexPlus account open for this very reason. Their family mobile phone insurance is unbeatable (I’ve searched the whole market)!


I am doing the same. When they recently increased the monthly fee by 30% (and reduced what I got) I did a quick market search and nothing came close unfortunately.


Just looked at Trov and not impressed. I searched for ‘Huawei P20 Pro’ and it isn’t there. Then searched for ‘Huawei P20’ and nothing. Modified the search to Huawei and got a longer list, including the ‘Huawei P20 (128GB)’ but not the pro. If they can’t get the basics like search and supporting the most modern kit right then what faith can I have in the more complicated things like claims. Will stick to my FlexPlus insurance for the time being as this supports both my family phones without prior registration and for £13 a month (Trov appears to be about £15 for similar pre registered cover).


£13/month for just the family mobile phone insurance is a complete bargain! My Pixel 2 XL, my wife’s Nexus 5X and my daughter’s iPhone 7 Plus all covered - and I’ve relied on the policy multiple times!