Integration with PensionBee 🐝


Great news - as of today Pensionbee is rolling out to the Starling Marketplace, with Wealthsimple, Habito and Kasko soon to follow over the next few weeks. Now you can track and manage your pensions all from one app! :tada:


Thanks James! :smiley:
There’s a great article on Techcrunch this morning which gives a bit more info on our announcement and on our plans to expand the Marketplace for those who are interested. This is only the beginning for Marketplace, we have many more partners we hope to announce and add soon, as well as building the existing functionality out further. Let us know what you think!


Awesome news! Great to see some more services being offered through the marketplace :smiley:


Another article about this…


Is this going to be a ‘Moneybox’ type connection when you use the external app, or through the app like Flux.

Also note, the article @Ali has just posted has stated 100,000 Starling users…


Hey which one of these is the travel insurance offering from the article?


Yeah! I saw that and wondered how did they come up with this number :thinking: because Starling are obviously very tightlipped on this.

So assuming this number is correct Starling are going to have to become somehow more attractive because competitors like Monzo and Revolut are already ahead, but obviously not sure how much value each customer brings for any of these banks (I know Revolut is not a bank) Starling might actually be making money of their customers and Monzo could be losing. All speculation of course.


The techcrunch story says they’ll initially launch with it being a link to the PensionBee (or the other apps) but Version 2, later in Q1 will be more integrated:

Version two, coming later in Q1, will see partner providers use the Starling API to help new users set up accounts (similar to Facebook type login but using your Starling credentials). The widget in the Marketplace will also gain functionality. In addition to showing high level data (e.g Total Balance), you’ll be able to take a number of simple actions like adding money to your pension or making a claim on your travel insurance, all within the Starling Marketplace.


Kasko - I believe the insurance is provided by AXA.


The updated Marketplace and PensionBee are now available in iOS as well as Android :grin:


Hey Ashley, PensionBee (and each of these partners announced today!) will be available from within the Marketplace in the Starling app.

When you click “Add” on the partner page in the Marketplace, you’ll be taken out of Starling and into the PensionBee site though (unlike Flux, which occurs all in the Starling app). Once you setup PensionBee on the PensionBee site, you’ll then be able to authorise PensionBee to share your pension data back into Starling, so you can see your pension balance from within the Starling Marketplace ongoing. The image in the TechCrunch article shows what it will look like!

Let me know if that helps.


It is! Kasko is an insurtech startup, and they will provide AXA travel insurance.


Thanks @Megan_Caywood, yes, thats great.


I am using Starling on iOS, I can’t see PensionBee, the only one that shows up for me in Marketplace is still Flux


The Marketplace is confusing. For me it does not show a list of all I added but just displays the latest one added. To see what else I added I have to go into the menu on the top right


Don’t suppose there are any UI examples of how pension bee will look inside the starling environment?


It launched on Android yesterday morning, but only became available in iOS yesterday afternoon at about 3pm - have you tried since then? Take a look, you should see it there now!


Hey Mirow,

That’s fair feedback, we’re currently working to make it more intuitive. The confusion comes from two elements: 1.) there are multiple types of Starling partners. There are some partners who have just integrated the Starling API, like Yolt, Moneybox, Yoyo Wallet and Tail. Those providers aren’t currently visible in the Marketplace categories, they’re only available under “Manage Providers” so you can see who you are sharing you Starling data with and can revoke access.

On the other hand, there are providers like PensionBee and Flux who are sharing data back into Starling as well, and those providers are the ones that are found and discovered in the main Marketplace as well as under “Manage Providers”. The next confusing element is that Flux is a Marketplace partner found in the Marketplace portion of the app, but they don’t have a “tile/widget” shown in the Marketplace after a user connects them to Starling, so they are also just seen in Manage Partners. That’s actually changing imminently as they’ll soon be seen as a connected partners with a Widget (alongside PensionBee, WealthSimple, Habito, etc) on this page:

So, that being said, we’re currently working on a couple of design upgrades to make that easier and more intuitive. Thanks for your feedback, as always!


There are! It looks like so:


Has anyone used PentionBee? If so, what are your thoughts?

So I have a pension with The Peoples Pension where my employers pays on my behalf with their contributions. How can PentionBee be useful for people like me?