Integration with Oyster (Discounted Travel)?


I know you can already use a contactless card instead of Oyster for travel but hear me out.

If you have a railcard, senior, 16-25, HM Forces etc. You can attach this railcard to your Oyster card and receive the 33% discount on Oyster travel. You can’t get the discount without using an Oyster card. Integration would be nice so I could see and top up my balance in Starling’s App, seeing travel and transaction history too would be cool. If Starling could then set it up so my Starling card was also my discounted Oyster card so I could discard my physical Oyster card that would be a nice touch. This would also, for me anyway, add to the ‘Travel the world’ (including London Underground) aspect of having a Starling Card.


You mean Starling!


I highly doubt that feature will ever be added, since its TFL that controls the ability to link railcard discounts as far as I know it can only be linked to a Oyster card.


I think what he meant was the ability to link your Starling card to an Oyster card, similar to Yoyo Wallet, with whom you can earn loyalty points with partner retailers by simply using your Starling Bank debit card. It could be possible to achieve something similar in partnership with TfL since Starling could send a request containing the transaction reference and yoye Oyster card number when you tap your card in the bus, for example. Since TfL transactions are only processed at the end of the day, you would then pay the discounted rate instead of the regular one.


At the moment you ask a member of staff at an Underground station. They then swipe your Oyster at an Oyster Terminal ask to see your railcard, swipe their staff card and link the 2. To be honest I can’t see why TFL can’t link the discount to a Contactless card but for whatever reason they can’t, maybe they will in future, who knows ? I can’t see Starling working on it any time soon but was just throwing the idea out there. Maybe their technology or Flux’s could easily make a work around for this, maybe it wouldn’t be worth their time. Even if they couldn’t do this having your Oyster balance in App and the ability to top I would find useful