Integration with Habito


More great news for the Marketplace - as of today Habito can be found in the Starling Marketplace!
You can initiate a mortgage application from the app, and keep track of the status of the application from within Starling :star:
Going forward we’re hoping to expand this integration further, so that Habito can use Starling to speed up the mortgage application, and so that you can manage your mortgage more fully (once the application is complete) over time.
Again, let us know what you think and what you’d like to see in future from this.



Seeing the Marketplace develop is very exciting.


Developing nicely


My fixed rate period on my mortgage comes to an end this December, so I’ll definitely be giving Habito a go!

If anyone wants to use my link, we each get £100 for a successful mortgage application.


More great news! :grinning::white_check_mark:


Great to see!


I used habito a couple of days ago for a remortgage and have to say very impressed with the service so far after I filled in a load of details I had an online chat with a fella who just went through some additional details, next steps was they’d go away and search the best offer for me. He said he’d have this done the next day and was true to that. I received an email with the best offer and also details of mortgage offers from other lenders. I’ve not taken it further yet but do plan to do so. Would recommend these guys if you are thinking about a new mortgage or remortgage. Just to add I did all this whilst commuting back from work on the bus. No for a question that in hoping someone can help me with, as you have to submit bank statements for an application so they can see your outgoings etc does anyone know how a lender will see any scheduled payments to goals? For example I have a few set up all with regular monthly payments, will they be seen as expenditure in the same way as a council tax bill or utility bill? As strictly speaking these are not going anywhere only into my pots of goals and can stop at anytime


Hi @Matthewward1 ,

Goals do not show up on your statement and would therefore have no effect on this. Goals exist purely to help you put money aside for things you want/need to pay for. :slight_smile:



Thanks James :grin:


At the risk of a hot take… just used Habito via the Starling integration.

I love Starling but I’ll be brutally honest - couldn’t see the point of this at all. I did not see any part of the UX that was enhanced via the integration to Starling, I even had to key all my details again.

On top of that the Habito UX is shocking in places regardless of whether it is linked to Starling or not. I nearly gave up multiple times - certainly could not see any advantage via mobile, harder if anything.

If anything it has put me off trying services in the marketplace, if all it is, is a glorified referral. I know the card-linked things like Flux and Yoyo aren’t, but this was a complete waste of time in my opinion!


I think the one benefit of Habito is that, if you were to take out a mortgage, you would see the balance on the Marketplace screen.

I do agree and have posted previously regarding the type of services in the Marketplace. It’s got great potential but I hope there are real benefits to signing up with partners rather than it being just a series of affiliate links.


It should be as seamless as seeing a savings account or a loan from a legacy bank’ current account - and I believe thats the aim, it will evolve im sure.


Thanks for the replies, perhaps I was being too expectant about what an integrated experience would look like!

Of course the first MVP will never solve for all these things immediately, but I think it damages the credibility of Starling’s marketplace if it isn’t anymore than a set of referral links.

The killer app for the marketplace is some level of pre-integration which removes friction (and there are enough “social login” providers already, so simply identifying me isn’t valuable!).

Habito just asked me for some things, amongst which included:

Latest month’s bank statements

This is precisely what Open Banking is supposed to solve for, and is what Yoyo and Flux will be using (well, more likely a more sophisticated Starling direct API). A marketplace participant that isn’t at least using available hooks like this, makes me wonder how worthy they are of a place in the marketplace, or perhaps Starling just wanted to make it look busy :grinning: