Integration with Banktivity for Mac



I’ve recently signed up to IGG’s Banktivity program and app which allows direct access functionality to most banks. Banktivity is not currently supported. Are there any plans to open up your API to them?




The API is open and available to all who wish to integrate.


It’s very likely that the way Banktivity connects to banks in the UK (through the Direct Connect subscription they talk about) is through the screen scraping method, where you give them your online banking login details, they log in as you and get the information that they need by interpreting the webpage that comes in (scraping the screen).

Starling doesn’t support this method, as there is no webpage to scrape!

The way these companies have to interact with Starling is through their open APIs, which have been written to be fully compliant with the UK Open Banking regulations. Over the course of this year, all other major banks in the UK will be launching their own APIs to the public (they had to be ready for testing by 13th January) and will be doing similar things to Starling.

I would have thought if Banktivity see the UK as an important market for them, they will be working on interfacing with these APIs now, so it will be road mapped.

As far as Starling are concerned anyone can register as a developer with them and get access to their APIs so your best bet is to contact Banktivity and request they get in touch!


Irrelevant but technically there is a “screen” to scrape - the internal API used by the mobile app; they can decompile it and figure out the URLs and request/response formats. I remember doing that in the past with Nationwide just to have a no-nonsense app. :wink:


This is true, however the authentication method to get Starling onto a second device is a lot trickier than the standard username/password method, what with the QR code display and capture being required…


Hey CJ

I also use Banktivity and found it excellent in supporting UK banks, including Metro Bank, as well as several UK credit cards.

I’m not convinced it uses screen scraping; as it would break every time banks change their websites or login methods.

I agree it would be great to have Starling as well, and will raise it with IGG as well



Yes I don’t think they use screen scraping. I had a letter from my bank saying that due to new rules around allowing 3rd parties to access data. That’s when I tried it and it works


Just had an online chat with Banktivity and they confirm for most sites they use the screen scraping function. They’ve raised a request to look at it.


they also have to be registered to provide such a service


I think it would be useful if Starling approached Banktivity. I feel there could be a great partnership there. Two fantastic apps