Inspiring Change


Since Starling are doing things differently and are part of the wider change to create a better world for us all and the planet, I think it would be good to have a place where we can share inspirational initiatives that are happening here and worldwide. I’ll get the ball rolling by sharing The Resurgence Trust (& Satish Kumar) which produce the Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine, but are much more than that.


Here’s another one,
In our fast-paced, high-pressure world of stress, burn-out, overwhelm, anxiety & increasing mental health issues, HeartMarth helps us to take care of our own emotional state with the aid of technology. Is ultimately aiming for a world where we can all achieve a state of ‘coherence’.


These are awesome - thanks for sharing Tina! :smiley:

I’ve got one for you, what about Sustainably?

Another, how about Newspeak House?


@JamesPratley. Wonderful! Thanks James


@JamesPratley. I hadn’t heard of Sustainability - could we get that with Starling too?


John Kampfner speaking tonight in Dundee on Dundee’s Creative Industry’s Strategy #DundeeCreates.
Couldn’t work out how to post the live stream!


Here’s another


Sneak preview of the V&A Dundee progress


Wow, look at the short film about Rudolf Steiner on this link. Peter Blom, the CEO of Triodos Bank speaks on it!! That explains why they have such a great ethical framework. I had no idea!