Initiative Q - A new payment network?


Has anyone heard of this? It sounds too good to be true. Maybe something Starling could look at, get ahead of the curve? Feel free to sign up, at the moment they’re reserving about 140,000 Q’s for each sign up, which they say could be worth $1 each at some point. I’m a bit sceptical, but after seeing the rise of bitcoin, I’m willing to give it a go.

Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters. It’s by invite only and I have a limited number of invites. My personal invite link:

Initiative Q

I’m out at the moment, so can’t look too much into this - Will be interested to hear what others say.

I’ve signed up (as it’s free), and the dreaded internet question of “what’s the worst that can happen” is hanging over me :joy:


I signed up too. If anyone can figure out what it is please let me know


I thought it was crystal clear?

A little like reading the entire works of Shakespeare… backwards… in Latin…


There is always a few new digital currencies announced or being worked on each year, and actually surprisingly a lot of them tend to work. From just bitcoin and a couple of others there is around 30 digital currencies that increase in value constantly.

The creator/owner of Initiative Q actually knows what he is doing, he sold a business to PayPal so has a track record, so it’s definitely something that might be worth following just based on past history.


It’s currently a pyramid scheme, you get invited you invite others. When they have enough people in the chain, they will launch a service that brings value to the currently worthless tokens.

So basically without the numbers its just a plan, once they have a set number of people on board, it then starts becoming a valued token which is then worth money.


That’s exactly what I thought. There’s only a limited number of invites per person, so might be worth posting your referral links in here?


True that!

For all of you adventurous types…

Feel free to use this!


Yeah, and when Nick’s invites run out, here’s mine :slight_smile:


Just signed up, why not! Thanks @NickH


Whilst we’re at it here’s mine


I forgot who’s link I clicked on…verify me please…I need my 140k…!


Me but @NickH has to verify me before I can verify you! :joy:


@danmullen I just signed up from your link, apparently you need to verify it?


@Matthewward1 Just done it mate :+1:t2:


My personal invite link:


Love a good pyramid!


Haha! I’ve verified everyone!

I’ve now ran out! You little pyramid hunters!



Thanks @NickH. I’ve verified you too @lozfromcorby. I’ve got 4 remaining.


:joy::joy: I still have a few if anyone is in search of a good Pyramid