Initial Impressions of a New/ex-Monzo User


I signed up with Starling because I was really disappointed with the lack of development on the Android platform by Monzo, this is especially reflected in their recent announcement. So to come over to Starling and find that there’s a couple of features that are Android only/first is a refreshing change!

I’m still waiting for my card to come through (being dispatched tomorrow apparently) but I’ve already transferred some money into my account using Faster Payments which worked as expected and I’ve also made some payments out which were also done immediately.

One thing that I did notice is that you aren’t able to assign a category to Bank Transfers and they don’t appear in the Spending screen so at the moment it says I’ve spent nothing in July when the ‘Pulse’ says I’ve spent £16.40:

Is this also the case with Direct Debits (haven’t tried them yet)? Either way, it’d be good if they both had this feature.

Other thing that I’m thinking ahead for is paying money in. I’d much rather have everything electronic but unfortunately ‘real’ money still pays a bit part in our society so having a way to pay in is important. On the website it says to ask via the in-app chat but perusing the forums here seems to have the consensus that we have to pay in using NatWest branches with varying (mostly negative) experiences. I think relying on a another bank seems a bit of a backwards way of doing things. I think paying in using Post Office branches seems a much better way forward as suggested here:

Other features I’d like to see are:

  • Split Bill/Request Money - Similar to in implementation. It’s a great way of getting money from friends and family. I know there’s PayM but I’ve never used it or requested money from someone who’s willing to try it!
  • Attaching Receipts and/or Notes to transactions (
  • Ability to Search transactions
  • Android Pay (obviously!)

I’m also looking forward to the new features already announced, they look great.

Obviously I don’t just want to talk about what I want, but also point out the great features already implemented! I love the Faster Payments process, the fact that you can change the Payment Reference each time is fantastic. With Santander I have to either delete the Payee or jump through loads of unnecessary hoops with One Time Passwords just to change a reference! I also like the fact that you can assign an image to Payees. I have multiple accounts and with other banks I have loads of payees that are myself and it’s hard to differentiate them with other banks, with Starling I’ve got a Santander logo for that account, etc. Hopefully as Starling grows I won’t need the other accounts but it’s a great feature in the meantime!

I also think that its great the terms are always available in the app and make sense to no legal jargon lovers.


Hey @Chalky - first off, welcome aboard! :ship:

Thanks for your feedback on first impressions, that’s great to hear.

There’s quite a few of these ideas currently being discussed, most of them have their own threads on here too. :grin:

In regards to Android Pay - we should have more details soon. Don’t worry - it’s not been forgotten! :robot:


Monzo reached Android/iOS parity today.


That’s not quite right, yet. Today they made the current account preview (so the app to test the current account functionality) available to Android users. The apps will be at feature parity by the time the current accounts are fully rolled out.