Individual Payees with same account details but different references


I have savings accounts for my daughters with Virgin Money. Their accounts share the same account number and sort code but have different references. I sent payments to each one, expecting to then see each one in the payee list by name. However, only one of them appears and when opening it up to see previous transactions, I see both transactions listed. That’s not much good for me because I now don’t easily know which account reference number is for which daughter. It would be better for me if it worked in a similar way to Santander, where each payee is listed separately even though they share the same account and sort code, thus making it far easier to see which payee is which.


I think this would be very useful as well. I have credit cards with Halifax and Lloyds but they both have the same central account with the reference number being the differentiation. It would make it easier to see which one had been paid if they were able to be listed as two separate entities on the payee screen rather than one overwriting the other entry.


Again, I find myself hitting an issue and someone already experiencing it.

It needs to be possible to set up a Payee with a specific account number and sort code.

The reference that goes with that Payee needs to be saved as the reference is important and often has a specific use. For example, Virgin Money accounts as described above. Payments to HMRC, too.


I get the same issue with payments from my parents joint account, the raw text (before an image loads) shows correctly M or A Horne. Which depends on what online account it’s sent from but the image and text shown is always of my Dad (Tony / A Horne.)

I have an image and Payee set up in Starling account for my Dad, but not for my Mum and assume that’s why it defaults back to being my Dad’s payee details?


I’ve done that with HMRC, Self Assessment and another account, both use the same bank account number and sort code, but different references. So I’ve created two payees, and just renamed them, so one is HMRC and one says HMRC Self Assessment.


Unless I’ve missed something, setting up a payee in Starling saves the name, account number and sort code of the payee. It allows you to enter a reference but it does not save this for the next transaction and that is the problem I have.

I’d like to set up two separate payees for Virgin. Both have the same account number and sort code. Each of my kids Virgin accounts have different reference numbers. If I could set up two separate payees each with the different reference.


Strange, I’ve just tried to set two up and it’s not working, but I managed
to set two up the other day with the same account number and sort code no


I just wanted to be clear we were both trying to do the same thing


I’d also really like this feature to be implemented. Not having notifications on money coming in to the account goes against everything Starling stands for surely? Even First Direct can tell me (via text) when there’s a credit on my account.


Agree with this. Both myself and my partner have Sainsbury’s credit cards, where payments can be made via bank transfer. The reference decides which account the payment goes onto, similar to your scenario.

In some cases, my partner uses his credit card if we go out for a meal, so rather than me transferring the funds for him to have to put it straight back onto his credit card, I put it straight onto his credit card through bank transfer. But this gets mixed up with the payments I’ve made to my own credit card because there’s no way of differentiating between them.


Hi @LauraJ. There are two ways you could solve for this:

  1. You can set up two separate payees with different display names (e.g. “Credit Card Me” and “Credit Card Partner”). References are unique to each payee, so just make sure you pay the correct one each time.
  2. You can set up one single payee (e.g. Sainsbury’s Credit Card), and have two accounts against this. Use the account description to differentiate which is which (e.g. “Me” and “Partner”), and again the references are unique to each account.

The benefit of #1 is that the name and image appearing in your transaction feed is different for each payee - so if you would like to get the separation at a transaction feed and spending insight level, then I’d suggest you use this approach!
In the future we hope to provide the distinction for #2 as well, but it’s not currently in the roadmap, so if you want the granularity here, you’d have look at the transaction history from the payee screen.

I hope this helps? Please let me know if you’re experiencing any further issues with this.


Thank you, @kjersti.larsen ! Extremely helpful :slight_smile:


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