Increase overdraft in £10 Increments


It would be a good idea to be able to increase your overdraft within the agreed overdraft limit by increments of 10. I’ve just changed jobs and working a week in arrears. So bit short on cash right now, had to increase my overdraft today but needed only a tenner but the increments of 50 is giving me more money I don’t want. I know not to spend it but would be better with 10 pound increments


In an ideal world the increment should be one pound, what about those that only need an extra £4 and so on.

For you £10 worked this time, for someone else it might not, so the only solution would be £1 increments.


Surely all Starling are doing is letting you know you’re authorised for an overdraft up-to a certain amount. It’s up to you, as you have acknowledged, to spend (or not) as you wish.

Some may argue that being overdrawn right up to any limit would be viewed less favourably (by other lenders) than utilising only a small portion of your available credit.


The Nationwide app offers their overdrafts in £10 increments so this seems a reasonable request. :+1:


I don’t have an overdraft, but would like to see a £10 increase in the paying into your account by debit card. It seems once you reach £100.00, the increments change to £50.00. I wanted to pay in £120.00 last week this way.

Not a major issue, as I done bank transfer instead, but this would save me having to log into my legacy back account to deposit £20, or the full £120.



Thanks for your feedback on this, it’s certainly something I will explore to make the product more useful, for more customers.