Incorrect Sort Code showing


I recently made a bank transfer to Funding Circle. I input the account number and sort code, which I habitually triple check, so I got it right. After checking back, I noticed the last two numbers of the sort code had changed. I deleted the Payee and added the correct details a second time, and the sort code has remained as the wrong one even after definitely inputting the correct one. Now I don’t know how to make the transfer because the details are wrong and I can’t make them right.

For the record, I’m adding a Barclays sort of 20-80-14 however it always shows up as 20-80-22.


Have you reported this to CS in app? They might be able to change it?


I have since you asked yeah, turns out it is a Barclays ring fencing issue. They’re doing some tweaking and Starling picked it up before funding circle.


Yes this is causing some confusion at the moment, Barclays are in the process of separating their retail business from Barclays PLC (ring fencing) and as part of this they are changing the sort code on almost 1 million accounts over a number of weeks. You can read more here:

When this happens, Barclays put a redirect in place with the faster payment scheme so when people send payments to the old sort code, it automatically goes to the new one. Faster Payments also tell the sending bank (us :slight_smile: ) that the payment was re-routed - we then update the payee for you so the payment goes straight to the new account in future!

All this usually happens in a few of seconds which can be a little surprising!