Incorrect location mapping


Hi I’ve done a search on here and found a few threads related to transaction locations etc but I can’t find one specifically about the rather zany location mappings I had on most transactions during my recent trip to France.
My transactions show as locations in USA, Croatia and India!
See the attached screenshot where the original transaction data clearly shows the location as “FRA”. I wonder how the system got Uttar Pradesh from that??
Customer support told me that the data is sourced from a third party and sometimes there are errors. Maybe I was just unlucky this time, but this level of error on virtually every transaction seems less than random!!
An added concern is that whenever I see transactions showing in these weird locations I immediately fear some kind of fraudulent usage of my card details. Surely I shouldn’t have to click on the “improve” button to see the original merchant details?image|311x499


Hi @Brad_T

The reason your transactions in France are showing up in those countries is because we use Google Maps to display the map and location of the transaction but due to the French postcode being 5 digits long, the same as in the USA and Croatia, it can be searching in the wrong location.

An easy way to imagine it is to just search a 5 digit postcode using Google Maps and see how many countries pop up. We can manually improve the location by searching for the actual location.

Thankfully the postcode in the UK is quite unique, this lessens the display errors. :grinning:


thanks for the input @LoganAllan, but what’s being done about this? Sounds like a pretty poor implementation of a google lookup. You always receive a country code in the transaction details, so why isn’t this being used rather than just using a single postcode? if I input e.g. “20069” into google I get an address in Virginia, USA. However if I input “20069 FRA”, I get the correct place, Bonifacio, in France!


To be honest, the workings behind the merchant system are something that I have very little understanding on.

I’ll need to ask those that actually built the system and then get back to you with an answer once I know more


This is precisely how I got round the same problem when working on a previous employer’s website - append the country to the postcode and you get the expected results.

(In my case I was working on providing directions to our vehicle hire depots to customers. We had a depot in Newark but Google automatically displayed this as New Jersey, USA :slight_smile: )


I love most of what I’ve experienced so far with Starling BUT I get frustrated by the widely inaccurate merchant & location information. Many of the transactions in New Zealand were incorrect showing a huge disparity, in global terms, of where I’d spent my money (Spain, Germany, USA, France etc).
When the merchant name is incomplete & the logo is wrong I get a little worried that my card has been compromised.
It happens occasionally in the U.K. too but not nearly as much.
Here is just one example.

I’ve reported some of these to Starling but there too many & I don’t have the time to try & update them all :frowning:


Any more news on this @LoganAllan?


Hi Brad, Logan is on holiday this week so will be able to look into this when he’s back on Tuesday!


I’ve just visited my local Sainsbury’s ATM in Nottingham and used my curve card to purchase cash from my starling account the notification I got curve was correct , however the notification from starling and the actual pulse are way off the mark

This wasn’t a problem before, what’s going on


On Curve it’s correct as they know the place/atm you visited so can display it accurately.

As Curve transactions are sent to the linked bank cards/accounts as an online transaction, it passes onto the Bank (in your case Starling) where the processing of this side of it took place (ie at Curve’s offices) - so in your respective app, you will see the place where the most recent part of the transaction took place. For example, you buy something on your Curve card in Boots, and use your linked Starling card, the transaction line will look like:

Boots>Curve Card>Curve Head Office>Starling Card

So Curve use your Starling card to pay Boots, but route the payment through their office before requesting the funds from Starling.

So on Curve it looks like you paid Boots, on Starling it looks like you paid Curve.

Hope I’ve explained this well, it sounded easier in my head.


I’ve just noticed the exact same thing. Have contacted CS about it. No idea what’s changed from before- as there wasn’t a problem.


That makes sense @jesper however it doesn’t explain why @Matthewward1 transaction through an ATM is showing as an Oystercard topup!


Thanks Jesper, I rate Curve and learning a little more of what goes on under the bonnet is interesting.


Can you tap the “Improve” button and post a screenshot?

I’m curious as to what the actual description from a Curve transaction looks like, to see if there is anything Starling could do to improve things on their side.


Hi @jcwacky, I can’t post a screen shot because the notification is no longer there, the plot has thickened though with this as now when I look within my transaction list it correctly displays as being Sainsbury’s, albeit in totally the wrong city, still London, what is this sourcery bestowed upon me