Incorrect "Incorrect PIN" at Tesco Pay@Pump


Has anyone else had this issue?

I recently had to cancel my card and get a new one (after that now infamous support message regarding MasterCard compromised cards). I’ve been using it since Friday with Contactless, but today tried to pay for diesel at Tesco using my PIN… Only it didn’t work, twice. Out of fear of blocking my card, I used a different one. Starling is my main account where my salary is paid, so this is very inconvenient.

Of course, I checked my PIN in the app and it IS the one I entered (double, triple checked).

Has anyone had this? Possibly related to the fact it’s a new card?

Unfortunately no reply from @StarlingSupport to my message this morning or live chat within the last 40 mins. Live chat cut off too, after a period of inactivity. Now I’m not sure if I’m even in the queue.

Massive Starling fan (of course!), this has been my first less-than-pefect experience so far.


Same!! I’ve just tried to use my debit card in Ask Italian. It said I put in the wrong pin so I tried again and again it said the pin was wrong. I then stopped to double check the number on the Starling app and it told me my pin number was what I was putting in. I put it in a third time CAREFULLY! And now it said I’ve exceeded my attempts. The pin in the app is what I expected but didn’t work. I guess this means my card now useless. I also only just got it after the recent carphone warehouse issue. Fortunately I still have my NatWest to save the day.


These are the things that make me nervous about switching. I’m looking to switch after pay day tomorrow.


Not good, especially as it’s not just affecting one person. Even worse is no reply from Starling to your chat.


Yeah. I’ve left a message with Starling support in app but no reply yet.


This should warrant an immediate response from @StarlingSupport in app. You could be stuck somewhere with no money.


I’m on chat now, after over an hour, and have to say the response is less than satisfactory. Basically “we are looking into it” and the suggestion is to use contactless (useless for any purchases over the maximum limit, like filling my car with diesel, weekly food shop).

No sense of urgency. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m sure Starling have their best people looking into it :+1:

By the sounds of it, there are (potentially widespread) issues with PIN transactions, but I’m told contactless and ATM will work. It may be downstream of Starling, but hopefully someone fixes it soon.

What is surprising is the lack of an apology or understanding of the situation this puts us in… Especially those of us who have done CASS and get our salary paid in. Not being able to access your money is very stressful.


But if I’ve put my pin in ‘wrong’ three times, does that mean my card is dead or can I still use contactless? This is my most urgent question that I needed answering. Asap.


That’s a good point, does it show as locked within the app? I’ve not experienced this, but would hope you can unlock your own card in app. If not, hopefully Starling can do it without you having to get a new card delivered. Fingers crossed for you.


There is no limit on contactless using Google Pay


Once a pin is blocked with other banks you just go to a cash machine and enter your card with the correct pin number and it is automatically unlocked.

With Starling I assume you just unlock it in the app.

Entering a pin wrong 3 times has not meant your card is useless for a few years now. It used to make the card useless.


If someone from @StarlingSupport can please acknowledge this thread and confirm if there are issues with entering your pin? Cheers, Joe!


This thread has been flagged for the attention of staff. Hopefully they will post a comment on here shortly.


But merchants limit contactless payments themselves.


You can’t unblock with the app. You go to a cash machine and choose unblock. My wife had to do it only last week.

I’m now nervous of activating my replacement card when it arrives as I need to fill the car up!


Unfortunately I have found many merchant tills won’t allow contactless (even via Google Pay etc.) when the amount exceeds £30. An oddity is Tesco Pay+ which seems to allow some very high sales, but this works differently and is Tesco only.


I’m going to take a look. Just need 2 seconds to catch up and see what’s going on


In the case of most shops the limits are normally set by the acquirer or terminal operator than the merchant, though in the case of larger chains they do often specify what limits they want built in to either their terminals or their linked POS systems


Thanks @LoganAllan! :slightly_smiling_face:

Both my message and chat have been dealt with by two different agents. Fingers crossed for a resolution soon.