Incorrect Bank Address with Direct Debits


I’ve just set up a direct debit with National Lottery and the bank address listed is not the correct one.

I’ve seen someone else mention this before and it caused issues with there switch.

So either Starling has changed the address they use, or they have still not changed the listed address with the relevant organisations like bacs / faster payments, who use the same database that National Lottery do.

I think its important this is clarified and changed if needed, or it’s confirmed this is the correct address.

Name and full postal address of your bank or building society:
7th Floor, Norfolk House
31 St James’s Square


Can @StarlingSupport please clarify the correct address?


The Bank address can be found at the foot of the website:

3rd floor, 2 Finsbury Ave, London EC2M 2PP

The address for depositing a cheque can be found in the app FAQ’s under > Can I deposit a cheque?


I believe @daedal is referring to the fact that the VocaLink EISCD hasn’t been updated with the new address.

Every sort code lookup site I’ve tried does seem to display the old address. This would suggest that EISCD hasn’t been updated, rather than an issue with merchants failing to update.

Only Starling can resolve this by updating VocaLink.


To fair @Oliver_Wright, and i’m the person least likely to moan about starling, or to you guys who do such a great job on here, the point is not that WE don’t know the address, its that it seems like Starling haven’t updated it with BACS or someone, as several times people have put in the sort code for DDs or such and it automatically puts in the old address, that seemed to be the issue as i read it, as customers we know, but other financial institutions and businesses seem to be getting the old address when they use the databases to search via the sort code. It could be, like the BIN tables, that other people need nudging to get them to update their records, but if someone at Starling could look into why multiple people have had the same problem it would be helpful!


Yes unfortunately we would rely on merchants updating their payment database but we’ll be happy to request that our payment operations team follow up with necessary merchants to prompt them to do so.


It is showing the other address in every bank lookup. Which means companies etc are using the incorrect Starling bank address, so the databases are incorrect.

The fact the official sort code lookups are registering the incorrect address is obviously a major issue, and something that needs to be sorted.


You are misunderstanding completely.

It’s not merchants getting the address wrong, its the address that merchants are getting direct from BACS, Faster Payments and so on, using the industry standard database that Starling updates.


The wording was perhaps misleading. I’ll look into why these particular merchants are pulling the incorrect address information.


It doesn’t matter which site is used, any site that uses the EISCD database is incorrect. The EISCD is the only official database. So that is incorrect, which means every site using it is giving incorrect information.


Hi @daedal,

Our Payment Operations team have advised that we last updated EISCD last Friday and it is showing our correct address. The issue is with these websites, which have not updated.


At least its been updated, going to take a few weeks before it passes down to companies though, but that’s not a major problem its normally only a few weeks between big companies updating.