Incorrect Android Root Detection


According to the symptoms described it looks like a camera driver problem. Especially if reboot helps. Please check Android Logcat output for a system level errors. There are usually some complains from system driver’s native code in there.


Hi. Not sure how to check the logcat. Can I do that without root?


Have you have tried taking a photo with the camera at a similar distance etc but not through the app to eliminate a camera problem.


Yep, the camera app seems to work fine.


To see logcat output, in terminal run: adb logcat (I assuming you used adb when you’ve been flashing a firmware) or adb logcat *:W to see only errors and warnings.
Also right after Starling App starting to have the issue, does built-in camera app work?


OK, thanks for the info. Yes I did use adb to flash but that was a year ago now and it’s been OTA updates since then so I haven’t needed to use it. I’ll have a look and may give that a try.

Also, regarding your question about the camera, I have just tested it and I can confirm that once the Starling app has stumbled trying to photograph the passport, the stock camera app just produces a blank screen until the phone is rebooted.


Are you sure you are running 15.1. Lineage 15.1 is not an OTA upgrade the ROM has to be reinstalled although all your data remains intact


Yep, you’re right, the upgrade to 15.1 was not OTA but I didn’t need to use adb. I just installed the latest TWRP onto the phone and it was all do-able on the phone. So when I went from Cyanogen to Lineage, I had to use adb (around a year ago) and since then it’s been weekly OTA updates with one on-phone re-flash to get to 15.1.


This, so much!There are many technically competent people out there, and a phone with a custom ROM, or even a rooted phone, is about as much risk as an original ROM. There is so much malware in the PlayStore, malware included in other apps and games from the PlayStore, bugs in Android (anyone remember Stagefright?), etc.
This thread isn’t 100% clear what Starling’s policy is now and whether all custom roms are banned, but if so, then my only comment can be: Please are you serious? What the f*** are you thinking?

On top of that, there is ways to circumvent the root detection anyways. It’s a constant race between apps and hackers, and usually, the hackers are faster anyway and the check can be circumvented without problems.

So I would say, @patrick, @StarlingBank, please consider even allowing rooted devices. It’s ok if you put a message that clearly says “Use at your own risk”. There are many technically VERY savvy users out there that know what they’re doing and custom ROMs and root are NOT a danger. Hell, I have root access to my desktop PC (don’t we all?), and I have confidential (banking) files on there too.


I recently had to replace my phone which had the latest android with a cheap device stuck on android 5.1.1 so flashed it with lineage os 14.1 and have now stumbled into the same issue. The device has never been rooted, unfortunately if this can’t be resolved I’ll need to switch away as having no access to control my primary bank account just isn’t acceptable.


I’m another hit by this, went to log into my account and can’t because of this issue. I use a OnePlus 3t, and yes I use a custom rom (as I always have and always will). My device passes safety net I can use other apps that look for root. So I’m probably just going to swap banks because theres no backup and if you lock me out I’m not reinstalling to stock.

I’ve had so many devices abandoned by the OEM and had custom ROMs to run a secure and updated device. A previous version allowed people to proceed with root at their own choice/risk. That made sense but to take away all options and lock me out of my account that’s not acceptable. I was on holiday when the app updated I couldn’t flash to stock even if I wanted to. I had to borrow a friend’s phone set the app up on their device just to transfer some money (that’s far less secure if you ask me).