Incoming categorised as "payments"


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Picking this up again, I have regular incoming (salary, expenses etc).

They, and a number of other incoming, are categorised as payments. To me, a payment is outgoing (as in “Receipts” & “Payments” in a ledger). I know I can recategorise them (I have).

But can I have all incoming sums categorised other than “payments”? It doesn’t currently seem intuitive as it stands.


Hi @Graham - my incoming are categorised as Incoming now (although past transactions might not have been updated so I have had to change those manually).

I’m going to add @sam to this thread as the font of knowledge on our category management.


Great, thanks Sarah.

Should I be expecting my incoming stuff (from whatever source) to be categorised as “Incoming” henceforth?



Received a direct credit today but it was categorised as “Payment”. Any thoughts?


Any thoughts or suggestions, please?


Hi @Graham! Sorry I missed this - Sarah is on holiday right now :slight_smile:

The short answer is: Not all your future incoming payments will be assigned to income. Let CS know which company paid the direct credit, and ask them to update the category to “income”.

The long answer is: because direct credits always have a company attached to them, they are treated similar to our direct debit and card merchants. We can use known information to decide which payment category these merchants belongs to, and allocate a relevant category based on this. As we’ve introduced the “Incoming”-category, we will have some merchants that need to be updated on our system from e.g. Payment. There is also a potential confusion where a company can both charge direct debits and send direct credits. We assume these to be the same category as the income from the direct credit/card payment is likely to be a refund from that company.

I’d love to hear some examples if you come across anything that doesn’t quite make sense. But essentially, all incoming payments are not automatically categorised as “Income”. In general we have never treated “payments” as only an outgoing category - but I can see why you think this way…

Hope this helps shed some light, @Graham!


Great response - that all makes eminent sense - thanks @kjersti.larsen.

Currently merchants who’ve been credited as “Payments” are:

Lloyd’s Bank (acting for Glintpay)
Starling Bank interest
Bank of America (Should read as “Elysium Healthcare”)


I’ll look into these and see if we can sensibly change them.
(Starling both pays and charges interest, so I suspect this is why we haven’t gone for the incoming category - but will see what I can do).

Happy weekend.


And you.


If you think of Payments as being Payments TO and FROM then there is no worries if it shows outgoing payments or incoming payments!


Trouble is, I definitely see payments as outgoing.


So do I :wink: