Income Pictures


Just transferred a bit of money to my starling from another account.

Whilst the category etc is as it should be (income)
I have surmised that it is missing something.

My mugshot!

So my idea is, can we assign images to income?

I know it might not be feasabale, because it might flag all income streams with the same image, but would be good.

Maybe it works on the acc no/sort code behind the scenes, which assigns the image?!


Have you added the account as a payee with your photo from within Starling?

After doing so, I now have my photo for both incoming and outgoing payments.


You got there before me @thom_horne, I was just about to say the same thing :slight_smile:

What I have noticed is that it doesn’t apply the picture to older payments that were received before setting up the payee.


I have now set myself up as a payee. And I can confirm that all previous income from myself hasn’t updated.

I trust it will going forward.

Cheers lads!


Happy to be able to help. :smile:

However I’ve found that the picture for the past transaction(s) remains if you delete a payee.