Income Logos


Thanks for confirming logan


Mine appeared fine last time I got paid (31 May) but I’ve no idea if it will have disappeared by the next payday. @LoganAllan, could you please check you still have the logo for Vertu Motors plc?


I’m sure I noticed my DC from my employer not appearing correctly last time I got paid. That seemed to have resolved itself very quickly. Maybe there’s someone else who works in my Trust who is as keen of a Starling user as I am!

Anyway, I’ve just had a once-in-a-blue moon instance of having paid too much tax last year and got a DC from HMRC. You guessed it though… It doesn’t look right!

I think changing it from Hmrc Paye to HM Revenue & Customs for the name would match well with the icon. (Which I’ve uploaded to save the trouble of finding one!)

(cc: @LoganAllan)


The Vertu logo is still there :+1:t3:


This has been updated and should reflect shortly :grinning:


Could the logo for tax credits and child benefit income be changed to the image?


I have updated that for you :grinning:


Many thanks😁


Not sure if this is the right place, but could a logo be added to Top Cashback as they also use Direct Credit.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


is it possible to add the logo’s yourself? When I transfer in money from my other bank be nice to have logo.


If your other accounts is a payee the picture for it should appear on the transaction list.


it is… and it doesn’t


Hmm works here. It will only do new transactions though.


That’d be pretty useful. I work for BT and my salary comes in like this which isn’t very nice looking:


Would it be possible to get the Spotlight logo for (the actors casting website)? At the moment, my direct debit displays the logo for an Australian Spotlight Retail Store :joy:

Thanks a lot!


I’ve grouped it all under ‘BT Salary’ - couldn’t think of a better name :upside_down_face:


All done. Name changed, website and Twitter details added and logo updated


Whenever I asked for a logo and a proper name for my salary I was always told it wasn’t possible. :frowning:


Perfection! I thank you on behalf of all the actors using Starling Bank :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers!


Do they still do a book or is it all online these days?! It’s been like 15 years since i was in it so i’m not in the loop lol!:see_no_evil::joy: