Income Logos


Could the logo for tax credits and child benefit income be changed to the image?


I have updated that for you :grinning:


Many thanks😁


Not sure if this is the right place, but could a logo be added to Top Cashback as they also use Direct Credit.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


is it possible to add the logo’s yourself? When I transfer in money from my other bank be nice to have logo.


If your other accounts is a payee the picture for it should appear on the transaction list.


it is… and it doesn’t


Hmm works here. It will only do new transactions though.


That’d be pretty useful. I work for BT and my salary comes in like this which isn’t very nice looking:


Would it be possible to get the Spotlight logo for (the actors casting website)? At the moment, my direct debit displays the logo for an Australian Spotlight Retail Store :joy:

Thanks a lot!


I’ve grouped it all under ‘BT Salary’ - couldn’t think of a better name :upside_down_face:


All done. Name changed, website and Twitter details added and logo updated


Whenever I asked for a logo and a proper name for my salary I was always told it wasn’t possible. :frowning:


Perfection! I thank you on behalf of all the actors using Starling Bank :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers!


Do they still do a book or is it all online these days?! It’s been like 15 years since i was in it so i’m not in the loop lol!:see_no_evil::joy:


Haha, they do indeed. I believe it can be purchased on their site. Like you say though, it’s all online and so somewhat superfluous. Only got one when I graduated because I wanted to see myself in the book :joy:


I get that completely! It’s like a rite of passage being in the book alongside some of your acting heroes! Sadly i realised at 22 that i was a terrible actor so moved to the business side, so all my spotlight pics are of that awkward ‘post-teen but not really grown into your face yet’ stage and so i do not revisit them. But i have them in a box somewhere :joy::joy::joy:


Hey @thom_horne,

If I said it wasn’t possible then I do apologise. It isn’t possible to ‘Improve’ them via the app but we can group them under other merchants or create one specifically for it.

Can you let me know what you salary currently appears as and what you would like it to be, then I’ll get that done


Thanks @LoganAllan I’ve just had a look through my in app messages and I originally requested a logo and suggested a name in October 17.

I believe at that point it wasn’t technically possible? I moved my salary to be paid into another account a few months back.

It’s good to know that anyone who does want this done now can though! :tada: :smile:


Ah, then it was before my time!