Income Logos


Why have they disappeared?

My two salaries used to come in as Income with company logo, now both.come in as Payment with no logo…what gives?


Mine did the same, logged with CS a few days ago, not updated yet.


I have suggested logo update months ago and they not changed so I’m not holding out hope for this…I can’t even be arsed raising it given the CS woes at the moment.

Makes me thing N26 were right not using logos. It’s simpler.


I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while, it would be so much simpler to take N26’s route with this a not use merchant logos, everything would look much more uniform.


Agreed - I’m consistently suprised at how excited it seems to make people that they can see a pretty logo in the transaction list. I’m not saying that I don’t think it looks nice but that for the amount of effort that must go into curating it Starling could probably be delivering much more useful functionality…


The logos and the little things are what sets Starling apart. Losing them little things would just make it the same as everyone else.

I don’t actually get my income paid into Starling, but if I did I would like to see a pretty logo, I like my company.


I’m also starting to think the logos are a pain in the backside. Not only do they not get updated for months after a request, but the simple inconsistency that some aren’t even available for smaller business make it look a little messy sometimes.


I love consistency!

It’s pretty much how I live my life - it’s either all or nothing. There’s no such thing as middle ground!


Raised it here a month ago… zero response from Starling.

Certainly can tell the difference with service as compared to a few months ago.


I noticed this, don’t understand what changed?


@Ryan and @lozfromcorby - I have sent you a DM. Need some info from you to locate your account so we can update the logos


Great, I now have everyones details. Will get those logos updated although it may take a little while to display the change in the app :+1:t3:


Will that be a fix for all the other logos that were working, but are no longer? Or is it a fix for just those two? It’s a widespread issue.

Easiest fix would be to change the app so you could provide feedback on credits as well as debits.


Have a lot of your previously displayed icons disappeared or was it just the Direct Credits?


Just direct credits. But it seems it’s affected a lot of payers across the community here.

Your earlier message was unclear - have you just fixed the few salaries that loz and ryan had issues with, or is it a fix for all the old DC logos that disappeared?


We sorted out the logos for the people that had commented on this thread.

I just needed the details from Loz and Ryan as the rest I was able to locate their/your accounts due to me dealing with them/you before :+1:t3:

I will pass on the feedback to enable you to improve the Direct Credits


@LoganAllan Any idea why they changed?


Thanks, mine is all fixed!


Fine too!


They didn’t group correctly under the original Direct Credit profile which already had the logo and all the details.

We’ve now added them to the correct ‘merchant’ so that from now it should automatically group there