Inbound Faster Payments Delay


Today I’ve been experiencing considerable delays receiving Faster payments into my Starling accounts (both business and personal)

Current situation:

  • £100 transfer sent FROM MetroBank TO Starling Personal account
  • MetroBank confirms payment left MetroBank immediately via Faster Payments
  • A similar payment from Metro to HSBC sent straight after was received immediately
  • Almost four hours later the payment hasn’t arrived
  • An earlier payment FROM MetroBank TO Starling Business account took more than two hours to appear, and firstly only updated the balance without showing the actual transaction when swiping up
  • the transaction only showed some time later.

is there something going on with Starling’s connection to Faster Payments and/or specific issues with receiving from particular banks? I’ve never come across this when sending/receiving faster payments between UK banks. I need to know Starling has no issues in this regard before I’m comfortable switching all my banking.

Anyone else had any issues?


I received a Faster Payment from Monzo to Starling in seconds so don’t see any issue with Starling receiving them slowly


I’ve just tested Starling > Monzo & Monzo > Starling - payments received instantly both times.


I would recommend speaking in-app with CS, I’m not experiencing delays with the Starling personal account, I don’t have a business account though.


From the sound of your post you have contacted Metro Bank CS.

Have you contacted Starling CS about this? They should be able to look into your specific payments and run traces.


Great minds think alike eh @Joe_Merriman :wink:


They certainly do :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Bmacrow & @Joe_Merriman. Yes, indeed have contacted Metro whose payments team confirmed that they’ve definitely not held the payment and it was submitted via Faster Payments immediately. I’ve tried contacting Starling CS via the app with comedy results (see my other post about the chat sessions in the app being completely broken)


The way Faster Payments are set up means that most payments are instant, usually within a couple of hours, but can take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Your timescales are within these, and are not institution–specific, so an instant credit at HSBC made at the same time is not a good guide.

No bank can promise instant transfers every time. They will get there, sometimes you might just have to wait.


I’ve haven’t had problem with faster payments but I’ve been waiting 4 days for an international payment from Chile that used to take less than 24h to my account in NationWide


Hi @alejandro.mery have you been in touch with our CS team? They’ll be able to track the status of this payment for you.


Hi @sarah.guha, CS seems overwhelmed. I was waiting over half an hour on the chat with only one person in front of me until it was terminated and I got the usual chat log email. Hoping they can see it (and act on it) before the end of the week


Hi @alejandro.mery sorry if it seemed that way, we’ll be happy to help with looking into your international payment concern, feel free to use the in-app message option to get in touch or come chat to us again so we can investigate.


Well… I got an answer. I can’t receive USD here, only GBP and EUR…and CS says only the sender can track the transfer anyway. Uhm.


@alejandro.mery that seems very strange. I’m very surprised that Starling is saying you can’t receive a USD payment into your account. This also seems contrary to all that Starling is doing via their partnering with TransferWise to offer outbound transactions in many currencies (including of course USD!). I’d go back and challenge them on that.
Secondly, it’s not correct that only the sender can track the transfer. Did you originally provide the Chilean sender with the Starling SWIFT BIC (SRLGGB2L) and your IBAN/and or sortcode & account number? If so, they will have sent a SWIFT MT103 message to Starling advising of the transfer (which will then have been sent via each bank’s USD correspondents), which Starling payments team should be able to search for if you provide the name and SWIFT BIC of the Chilean sending bank.


yes @Brad_T, BIC + IBAN of my business account at Starling. It’s really really really frustrating. I don’t think they carried forward the partnership with transferwise but instead a very fishy “local partner” they are not allowed to disclose.

Logan’s reply was:

The reason you haven’t received the payment is due to Starling not accepting USD. We only accept GBP and EUR gor now. You will need to get in touch with the sending bank as they are thr only ones that can track this payment

and later he confirmed it’s not even planned


Hi all,

To clarify your Starling account is a GBP account and so we can only receive GBP into your accounts at this time. This has been communicated here on the community and is available in our FAQs on our website, here is an extract.

What currencies can I receive into my Starling account?
Starling accounts are GBP accounts and can only receive GBP payments.

If a payment is received in EUR we will convert the amount received in to GBP before depositing it to your account on the same day. We convert the EUR received using a rate set for the day – this is based on the global foreign exchange market but is not the real or mid-market rate. This means if you send EUR to your Starling GBP account you will likely receive less GBP than you might expect based on a mid-market calculation.

We are unable to receive USD or any other currency into your GBP account. If you want to send a payment from a US based bank you should instruct the bank to handle the conversion before the payment is sent in which case will receive GBP into your account.

This process of receiving payments into your GBP Starling account is separate from our outbound International money transfers service. In this case our partner manages the conversion of from GBP into a destination currency and through a network of local banks executes the payment.


Receiving international payments

Perhaps this could be made clearer by adding a notice to the “Account Details” section of the app, underneath the IBAN and BIC.


Sarah, the “GBP only- no other currencies” message is somewhat contradicted as soon as you go on to explain how EUR payments are converted and credited.

Therefore, can I suggest that the FAQ is updated to say something like "Starling GBP accounts can only receive payments denominated in GBP or EUR. If a payment is received in EUR, we will convert the amount […rest of text as is] "

@Ben - great idea around adding the warning on the account details screen in the app. @sarah.guha please can this be considered given that this is completely non-standard behaviour on Starling’s part relative to every other traditional bank out there (namely that they happily receive any currency inbound and simply convert it on receipt to GBP)


We’ll certainly look at how we can better communicate this.