In feet first


As with all of my micro obsessions, I’ve jumped feet first and switched my main current account over to Starling.

Found via the usual Monzo route but blown over by the simplicity and ease to open and transfer over. Really struggled all of my adult life with budgeting and spending, despite earning more and more, it’s just become deeper rooted - tried numerous budgeting spreadsheets etc and really felt my bank for had zero care about helping and nurturing. 12 years with HSBC and couldn’t wait to get away the mainstream, nail in the coffin was being told “You don’t get it, it’s your fault” - quite the customer experience!

Looking forward to the journey to a healthier financial life with Starling! :raised_hands:t3:


Welcome aboard :+1:


Welcome here and good luck with it.


That’s awesome Mike. We look forward to your feedback!


Welcome - you’ll love Starling it helps you manage finances like never before and much more to come.


Welcome, I’m really loving it too!


Welcome to Starling. I’ve found it good so far but haven’t taken the jump to moving fully over.


I think many, myself included, will equate to this comment.

Never, say never though. That’s one thing I have learned in life :grinning:


Welcome Mike you made a good choice


Welcome to the Starling club

Nice beer by the way