In App Chat Android vs iOS... differences?


Is there any major differences in the in App chat functionality between Android and iOS?

Im currently using Android Oreo and am having massive issues with the chat service. Ill ask a question and then get a screen overlay with the chat in the background. It doesnt seem to work well though.

For example this morning I asked a question and then received a notification about a reply 15 mins later but when I went into the app to read the message It said the agent had left the chat and in the timeline they had actually replied within 2 mins of my original question being asked.

I dont understand why the original reply didnt trigger a notification immediately.

Does iOS work any differently?


There are improvements to be made with the in-app chat functionality. Starling are working on a fix with their chat provider regarding chats closing. I assume the issues are with both platforms.



We do have an issue with a timeout after 5 mins, which we now have a fix for. This has been rolled out to our demo apps and will be in our next releases for Android and iOS. We hope this should resolve what has been an on-going complaint. Thanks for your patience.



Any idea when the next release is due?


I’m gonna go with late next week or early the week after :crossed_fingers:


Next week is the plan, probably mid to late.


Thank you, because is really annoying to send you the same msg several times due to a session expiration or because I switched to other mobile app.

I’m trying to solve a transfer problem, and I’m going for the 5th thread with you. (I’m an android user)



I am so happy to report we shipped a fix to the inApp-Chat timeout issue in just issued app release 0.50 :tada:

We need to get better at CS and this was a small but quite important piece of the puzzle. Enjoy


Really great update, thanks guys.


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