In app calculator


Dutch bank bunq have a unique feature in their app

When you want to send money to a recipient you can use a built in calculator, so you can add a couple of items together and send them the one amount rather than do two transactions, or (as in this example) you may wish to send them your share of a meal so you can quickly device the cost while in the app, no having to switch to a calculator.


Yes! +! for this - seems like such an obvious feature but I’ve not found a single banking app (new or old breed…) which has one.

Would be really nice if you could just swipe it in from one side, over the app and have some means to pull in figures currently on screen too…


In a similar vein but the other way round, it might be nice to be able to create kind of “receipts” to keep track of and itemise IOUs (when I buy things online for my mum [she refuses to use her card online…], she pays me back in cash monthly. I ALWAYS forget to keep a tab on it). You could then send the receipt by settle-up and the person who’s paying you back can check it’s all in order before sending you the money.