Improving the Customer Service Experience


Rarely do I need to contact customer services, but in the early days I experienced all manner of issues with a switch from Nationwide. Back then I would send a message to customer services and one their team would contact me within the hour.

This week I opened a new case in app on Monday and still haven’t received a response to my (simple) question. I’ve chivvied them along at 2pm today but still nothing.

Clearly the team are updating missing icons, map information, and stuff like that as it’s obvious these issues are being dealt with. But this extraordinary delay to my query begs the question: are the CS team swamped by requests and are unable to cope, or have they just chosen to ignore my question?

If it is just me then that fine (I’m sure they’ll get around to me eventually), but I would be interested to hear if I’m not alone and others here are experiencing a similar delay to Starling’s once ace customer services…?

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I’m sure @patrick can answer this. It has always been great for me, but then I don’t really make contact with them much, as I have not needed to.


Thanks for flagging this Rob.
We always want to be responsive, and sometimes things can take a little longer.
A wait this long is certainly not normal, so we are sorry!
Definitely should have come back to you sooner.


I posted about my customer experience yesterday. Can’t fault their response time at three minutes.

But that’s no good when they tell me the answer they think I want to hear and it turns out to be completely wrong anyway. :roll_eyes:

I’ve had more help from other users in this community than from Starling CS.


Thanks Patrick - all sorted now.


@Rob think they are. My wait was 11 days and they still didn’t answer with anything other then s generic response.


I had a quick initial reply the other day about an ATM auth failure, but about 5 days before a proper answer came back and that felt more like a made up reason - ‘acquirer network issues’, even though I had explained that my card failed twice, my wife’s Starling card succeeded and then mine failed again, all within 10 minutes.


Have you tried contacting them again since as I believe there has been issue with the chats timing out before you get a response.


If there is a known technical issue that causes a chat to time out, I’d expect the customer service assistant to reopen it and confirm with the customer that their query is resolved. It’s not rocket surgery :roll_eyes:


On the 30th March I sent a message to Customer Services about a problem I was experiencing with the marketplace. It was 3 days later when they replied, apologising in the process for the time it took to respond.

I responded within a few minutes and since then I have not had a reply, despite sending 2 chase up requests.

First thing this morning I sent a chat message asking what is going on. A little later I got a notification there was a reply to this message but when I went into the app there was no reply. Since then I have sent a message asking for a reply but over 5 hours later still nothing.

Is something broken? Am I missing something or is the customer services ignoring me?




Hi, Jon!

I’m very sorry that our responses take a bit longer than we’d like.

We’re not ignoring you - promise! Since the launch of our Business Accounts, we’ve been experiencing exceptionally high interest in the product and it can take a bit longer for some of your enquiries to be answered.

Sometimes enquiries of a slightly more urgent nature, are best resolved over the phone - we’re here 24/7 all year round.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


I have to say that your capacity problems are irrelevant to me. I expect a high level of customer service from my bank. When I send replies saying things like "Hello? " these should be markers that I am receiving a poor customer service experience.

In fact the sub-text of your message seems to suggest the business customers (or new customers in general) are more important. That might not be the case but it suggests it to me.


Have to agree with Jon as a new customer thinking of transferring to starling this is worrying to hear.


Agreed. The app is great but the customer service is really poor. Very corporate, uninspiring tone, inconvenient time outs in the chat and no one takes ownership of a problem.


It pains me to admit this but when I switched over from fd, the customer service was amazing. Fast forward slightly over a month, and I, too, have noticed a degradation in response times.
I guess that as more and more people join, it is understandable that the customer service will become diluted. It’s a shame, but it’s inevitable.


I am sure they will increase customer service numbers to cope with expanding customer numbers, however with the introduction of major features like international payments and business accounts it must create a temporary jump in customer service workload and that would impact on service until queries reduce or new staff onboarded


Having worked in a Customer Operations role at my current place of work (extremely demanding) for 6 and half years, they have my upmost respect. It’s not easy.

It’s stressful, demanding and the amount of knowledge you need to retain is difficult at times.

I am in no way disagreeing with anyones views or opinions on this thread.


There needs to be some feedback in the app to tell you what position you are in the queue and average waiting time. At the moment nothing happens and it’s almost like the chat has crashed. Not a great experience now. I understand and accept that starling is becoming more popular which will impact waiting times but the chat system needs to develop to cater for these longer waiting times.


You talk like it’s a surprise that customer service queries will spike at times of product launch or other events .

It smacks of management incompetence, indifference or inexperience.