Import CSV Starling Statement into YNAB (You Need A Budget)


I’m trying to export CSV files from the app to use in my existing budget software (YNAB v4).

when i try load the file into YNAB it tells me


No idea why as when i open the file in excel it doesnt look much different to my legacy bank CSV files which import into YNAB no problems.

Any ideas ?


Hi, I’ll do some testing next week and see if we have the same issue. No immediate reason why it wouldn’t work comes to mind.


Any progress with this Sarah. tried again today and still not working.


@Neil_Pi believe @sarah.guha is on her honeymoon at moment. @JamesPratley are you able to Help.


Hi @Neil_P, it looks like YNAB require a very specific format of each row in the CSV file to be able to import it:

That support page provides a link to an online tool that you can use to re-order the file into the correct structure for YNAB though. From a quick play with my statement, I think the following mappings in that tool might work:

I don’t have YNAB to verify though! Let me know how you get on,


YNAB Integration?

Works a treat Sam much appreciated.


Nice response, Sam.


Well done Sam