Immediately refunded transactions


So what’s this all about then - twice this weekend I’ve paid for something, it’s approved, I’ve had the notification but then immediately another notification saying the merchant had refunded the transaction.

First with MyTaxi (and I’m not talking about the £1 they take and refund immediately when you book, I’m talking about the final cost of the journey). Later that day another MyTaxi journey worked fine, as it usually does.

Then again today at the local bakery.

In both cases, there is nothing in my transaction list to show I’ve actually paid for these services.

In both cases, the merchant must have assumed all is well as there was no comeback, nobody came running out the bakery after me etc.

Have I paid for these or not? Maybe they’ll appear again later?

Bit odd though.


It seems there are a number of people reporting this in various threads on here.


Yes indeed. This is wider than Starling it seems.


Wondering if this is a GPS issue…? I paid for McDonalds breakfast around 40 minutes ago using Curve connected to my Tandem credit card via contactless. Initially I received the notification saying it was approved (along with a notification from Tandem), a minute later Curve notifies me that it had been declined, followed by a Tandem notification saying it had been reversed by the merchant.

So not sure what’s going on this morning.


It is not just Starling. I have seen it happen today with Monzo and Curve cards too.

Card Reversals

Monzo too? Didn’t they bring all their payment processing in-house? If so this issue is going to be wider than GPS.


Good point. The plot thickens…


My brother asked me if there was an issue a couple of days ago. He used his Curve card, got an instant notification but it’s yet to reflect in his Starling account.

Don’t know if it’s related or not. He didn’t get a reversal notification.


Hi Everyone,

This is happening with a very few transactions, now and again. It isn’t an industry issue but something closer to home. As soon as I know more, I will let you know.



Thanks for the update @anne. Have you seen @MIROW’s comment above? Apparently affecting Monzo and Curve too, so perhaps not as close to home first thought?


I have seen it with Curve linked to a Monzo card.

The person who told me they had problems with Monzo also turned out not to be using their Monzo card but Curve as well.


Happened to me yesterday using curve linked to my starling card, then this morning using curve linked to my monzo card. Contacted curve support and got the reply they are having issues with one of the payment providers, so definitely not just a starling issue.


Ah, so it may be Curve rather than Monzo. Don’t they use the same payment processor?


…and Curve using a Santander credit card…!


Curious to know whether the merchant is temporarily out of pocket when this happens or do they get paid ok and it’s just deducted later on from our account?


I expect it’ll be similar to the recent issue where transactions were processed again around a week or so later.


Yes I had a transaction that was shown as pending but then it totally disappeared later in the day. It reappeared again today with another “you paid…” notification but no longer as pending.


Yes I had a slew of corrections today a short while ago.

No such thing as a free lunch (or taxi) :slight_smile:


I’ve had this with a fuel transaction. Annoyingly the disappearance and reappearance wipes out all your notes and receipt updates (which I’ve now thrown in the bin) :neutral_face:


Hi Everyone, thanks for letting us know. We’re working to resolve these issues on the transactions that have been reversed.