I'm back! Just re-introducing myself


Hi, I’m Spencer. Any long time community members may remember me. I used to be an active member of the community until late last year, when I decided to try other banking options.
I kept my Starling Bank account open though, which is lucky for me, as I have decided to return to using my Starling Bank account full time as my main and only current account.
It was a good experience for me, I have experimented with other banks, including fintechs, but Starling is definitely the best option for me, modern, mobile, latest tech and the most profesional.
I look forward to being involved! Cheers.


Hi Spencer,

I do remember you. :slight_smile:

It’s great to have you back.


Welcome back Spencer :+1:


Welcome back!


Thanks fellas, it’s good to be back!


Welcome back, of course we remember you!


Welcome home!


Welcome back Spencer. :smile:


Welcome back!! :+1::grin:


Welcome back!


I wondered where you’d gone, old chap!


Haha, I had a sabbatical! I’m back now, good to hear from you Johnny!


Thank you for the warm welcome back fella’s, it is greatly appreciated!