Ideas/thinks needed


Following some earlier posts today here’s my view of what I think is needed/desirable to really make a great product better/more attractive, appreciate some of these may/will already be in the pipeline, in no particular order:

  1. Goals - really like this, reminds me of a modern day version of what I worked on at the woolwich many years ago with their open plan/offset. Pots/goals are great, but to be worthwhile it needs a more ‘savings’ interest rate. For me anything more than a few hundred pounds ansi’m throwing money away at 0.5%. The rate needs to be nearer the better instant access savings accounts to make it worthwhile to keep my money in there. On Open Plan we built it to ‘flush’ out money daily into a better paying account.

  2. Paying in Cash/Cheques - this needs to be easier and instant, paying in cheques on the App like many banks are starting to do and being able to enter a bank (I guess post office) and pay in cash at a machine that is instantly credited.

  3. A web portal, speaks for itself really but a phone only App is great 99% of the time until your phone breaks/stolen/lost. If I used this as my only account and broke my phone repair may take 7 days, what do I do in the meantime?

  4. Joint accounts, would be great to be able to partner with an under 18. Can really help get the young money savvy.

  5. Setting what is a month (i.e. pay day to pay day).

I’m sure i’ll add more, but just my thoughts right now.


I like your points and point 2 is one of the main reason i have not switched because my main account with ‘b account’ have the paying in cheque with picturing this and can deposit money at any post office.