Ideas for a greater Starling app


General idea to i would love to see in Starling:

  • Send money via iMessage (iMessage extension)
  • Send money via Siri
  • Apple Watch app with with great control
  • Send money abroad (iPhone)
  • Schedule payment to persons
  • mPay (pay mobile phones)
  • 3D shortcut for the app to jump to Send money, my bank details…
  • More budgeting analysis tools
  • Live currencies rate when I am aboard (based on my location) linked to Mastercard exchange rate
  • Advance Goals settings (auto transfer in/out, notification…etc)
  • Spending targets (once I am about to hit a pre-set amount I get an alert)
  • Joint account (add Partner)
  • Saving account
  • Customised notifications settings (what I want the app to notifications me about)
  • Map and details attached attached each transaction
  • Ability to take photo of a receipt and attach it to a transaction and/or add notes
  • Transactions history (export it as a bank statement) NatWest-alike document a transaction by adding a PDF button to each transaction then share/export


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