Idea: if you lose your card can you still gain access to your money 💰


If you lose your card, you order a new one but what if you need and want to withdraw money? Does starling have a feature for this? Like a code or something what would enable us to access money when we need it most?


As far as I am aware, only NatWest currently do this and it only works on NatWest’s own Cash Machines. Seeing as Starling don’t own or operate any Cash Machines, I see it highly unlikely that this would be possible unless a mechanism was implemented by MasterCard themselves.

I know Barclays were trialling using Contactless at Cash Machines:(

My local branch has the equipment installed but I don’t know if it works yet and I’ve never tried it.

Anyway, if this becomes mainstream, you could potentially uses Android/Apple Pay to get money out whilst you’re waiting for a new card to arrive.

I had nearly a week of using Android Pay exclusively when I left my wallet down in London a month or so ago. It actually worked out pretty well, the only real annoyances were paying for Fuel £30 at a time and had to do to the shop daily instead of doing a big week shop!


No. Not just NatWest. All banks in the RBS Group, e.g. RBS, RBS International, Ulster Bank, Drummonds, Adams, Holts, Coutts, Isle of Man, NatWest, etc…


OK I stand corrected, but still, they are banks that own their own Cash Machines and it still only works on their own Cash Machines.

Starling don’t have any Cash Machines so unless MasterCard or LINK come up with something (and Starling join the LINK network) then I don’t see how this would work as it would require X, Y, Z bank cash machines having direct access to Starling’s Backend.

Then again, this might be something that could be done in an API somehow? Not sure they’d want to open up an API that allows a cash machine operator to potentially access everyone’s accounts (or if we as customers would want that either). I suppose under the current model, access would be per cash machine operator.

But then this relies on the Legacy Bank/ATM Operator building an API interface to allow this functionality. I don’t see why they would want to do that, what’s in it for them?

With the state of some of the Legacy Banks’ IT Systems, would you trust them with that kind of access?


I think RBS were doing this first. It’s useful. I used it once when I was stuck. RBS owns NatWest, I think. Their apps and online banking are similar.

Edit: ah, @MIROW clarified this already :+1:


Santander also rolling out contactless cash machines. You can authenticate with your Apple pay or android pay so long as you have a simple relationship with them. It then shows you all your accounts instead of just the one linked to the card.

So there is hope…


Santander and RBS can do this because they control their own ATMs and can update the software with additional features. Starling can’t do this.

N26 has a feature called “Cash26” in Germany. The app generates a QR code which you can use to withdraw cash at more than 6000 retail locations, without your card.

Would this be possible in the UK? Perhaps PayPoint? Assuming they support payouts?


That’s the one in my University. Only works with Santander cards :frowning:


Ah sorry for missing explaining I meant Santander has the capability in its machines, not that it’s available for other banks.

However business arrangements can be made if there is a demand for it…just like the cash pay in at NatWest.


I wouldn’t really call it an arrangement, more a bodge or a workaround. I don’t really think there’s any kind of formal arrangement, you’re just paying cash into a NatWest Bank Account with a specific reference. I could walk into any NatWest branch and pay into my Mother’s NatWest Current Account, for example.


This is one thing stopping me going on all and closing my Halifax account.

At least still having the Halifax account and card always at home I can still get cash via a bank trasnfer if I ever lost my Starling card.


You could always transfer funds to someone via an App like Circle, PayPal, FaceBook Messenger or even  Pay in a couple of weeks, then they could transform that into cash for you … just another option