Idea for Goals


I’m not sure how useful this feature would be to most people, but it would be something i’d use at least :grinning:

Apologies i’ve been told that i’m awful at explaining things and i’m not any good at photoshop to show any mock ups but here goes…

Instead of just adding a final amount as the ‘goal’ maybe add some subgoals in the same 'Goal’
My girlfriend and I both work freelance so our income amount isn’t the same every month.

So if for example we would like to go on holiday then the duration and destination would depend on how much we saved in the year. Back to my idea.

Adding a goal named 'Trip Away’
We would have the option to manually add sub amounts and goals.
£250 - 'Weekend in Paris’
£1000 - 'Week on Beach Hoilday’
£2500 - 'Disney land’
£5000 - ‘Kickass week in Vegas’

Similar to the thermometer graph below obviously with the Starling graphics and not as cheap looking.

Hope the above was clear :grinning: