I'd love to use Starling as my main account and ditch legacy bank


I currently bank with Danske Bank (personal and business)- some of the features i’d like to see to encourage me to 100% switch to Starling.

  1. Credit card, personal account and business account accessible through the one app. Easily transfer money between without additional login headaches. Travel card to offer free spending abroad. Barclays are the only bank that does this well atm.

  2. A card that looks different, separates itself from Starling personal account. Easy to differentiate from.

  3. Being able to separate direct debits from personal account would be good - e.g. my monthly direct debits are £321, they are assigned to a ‘goal account’ and whats in my personal account is money I have to spend for the month etc.

Bonus features but not essential. Notifications for money paid in. Ability to scan cheques to deposit or pay in money via Post Office. An easier way to categorise transations for tax return purposes.

For crying out loud - Keep. It. Simple
Instant accessibility. Reliable.


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