Huel, anyone tried it?


Has anyone tried Huel? I’ve seen it mentioned a few times and wondered if anyone has given it a go. My daughter is slowly becoming a vegan and she is at university, so thought I would do some homework and if recommended, will buy her some. Thanks for your help.


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My friends and a few Starlings drink/eat Huel… strange stuff in my opinion. I can’t enjoy it. What are your thoughts?


I tried it but found it very difficult to drink, the consistency was very off putting. I believe they have brought out a new version which is a bit smoother. But I’m put off! Wouldn’t try it again unless I got a free sample from them.


Never tried it myself, not my cup of tea!! Seen it is popular with a lot of the trendy techies which my daughter is one! She is slowly going vegan and a lot of people rave about it, so thought I would see if anyone on here has ever tried it or use it now and get their thoughts about it? If it is any good, I’ll get some for my daughter to try!


I just think it takes the fun out of food to be honest :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeah definitely, I agree.


I gave it a week to see what it was like. I quickly found myself repulsed by the smell of it. The bitty texture is strange and it certainly doesn’t taste great. Found at the end of the week that whilst I did genuinely feel good, I just missed chewing food and found the nearest burger.


I bought one of their taster packs for a coupe of quid. Didn’t like the look of it in the jug but, however bad it looked, tasting it was THE WORST!

I’m not keen on replacing delicious food with gloopy, gritty nastiness. As Avian says, it’s put me off buying it again! (But I also would try it for free! :money_mouth_face:)

EDIT… Just realised this is MONTHS old! Ha ha. It just popped up under another post and I didn’t check the date. I think I’ll take this on board for next time. :joy:


I did exactly the same, thought it’d be good to have during work instead of a meal. I found it wasn’t to bad looking in my water bottle, it just looked like porridge.

I didn’t like the texture at all, and cleaning the bottle afterwards was a chore too; needless to say I still went and grabbed a full lunch after trying it. :stuck_out_tongue: