How to view transactions?


Love Starling as I do I am continually frustrated by the fact that there seems not to be a simple ‘accounts’ view of my account. As with every other account I have, this would give an up to date view of incomings and outgoings.

At present we just have views of ‘categories’ and merchants’ ( which, for me this month, gives a different value because some foreign merchants weren’t recognised and life is too short to try to put Starling right).

We can, of course, view a statement - as long as we have the patience to answer all of the ‘are you sure’ queries. But this is not always up to date. I sometimes want to see how much I have spent this morning, or yesterday, for example and the pdf statements don’t seem to be updated that frequently. My only recourse is to tap on each category/merchant for the month and check the dates.

Seems like steam-age in the internet-age?


Hi @DaveO!

Depending on your device you will either see a little arrow or no arrow (Android don’t have an arrow just yet but you are able to swipe up) on the bottom of the home screen. Click on the arrow if on iOS or swipe up if on Android then you will see an overview of incoming and outgoing transactions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @DaveO,

If you scroll up on the home/Pulse screen, you get a view of your transactions. This shows your total spend each day.



Wow. Thanks for this. Starling’s just shot up even more in my estimation!


Thanks Dan. A great step forward that I didn’t know existed!


There might be a UX issue here @sarah.guha one for you.


iOS now has a prompt to swipe up so hopefully Android will get that too soon:


It does indeed, thanks @JayTay


Android users might be expected to be smarter :wink:

edit: this post was reported as offensive. really?


Yes a number of people had missed the little arrow - discoverability is something we continue to review with our UX. Android will be getting a change to help with this shortly :slight_smile:


The arrow is there, though it points down.


“hey! there is extra information down there”


The UX for our Android app will be changing soon too to help customers find the transaction feed. We had lots of feedback that the swipe up was not intuitive and so we’re testing a new implementation. It will roll out in the next release.