How to send money abroad - from your bank, for less


It’s arrived. Straightforward international bank transfers from your current account with competitive low-cost prices. The way it should be.

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Excellent article - very informative. I can confirm the rates and fees are very competitive. Looking forward to being able to receive USD into my account.


Unfortunately it’s not as competitive (when I checked just now) as a certain platform beginning with R, but not far off.


it is competitive when compared to anyone except:

  • tra*wise
  • *cyfair
  • re*

but not everyone enjoys juggling


in a post-brexit UK it’s not just about receiving USD via SWIFT for free and at decent exchange rates, but of course it would help to not get your USD payments returned.

I really hope USD currency accounts come shortly after the EUR accounts.


Have you guys considered using Ripple’s xCurrent or xRapid service ? I have to wait days and days to send via Swift with other banks… while Ripple’s technology takes minutes. Santander is piloting this atm.


But remember the health warning of weekend rates for Revolut.


I’m not necessarily bothered about getting the very best possible rate in the market. If my bank can allow me to transfer money internationally at a good rate with low fees, I’m happy to use them as it’s more convenient than going elsewhere.

Similarly, if I can spend abroad and withdraw cash abroad for zero fee with a good rate, then I’ll use my bank for that too.

Starling ticks all the boxes :smiley:


That it does…:grinning:


Agreed. Ripple’s services are going to revolutionise how money is moved around and set a new standard for our expectations. Adopt or fail… Starling, love your work, however, you can do better than SWIFT.


No option to transfer to Australia yet though - any timeframe on when that’s likely to become available?


Great question! Australian Dollars (AUD) is the next currency on our list, expect to see it available in a few weeks time. :australia:


This is an excellent addition.

Feedback; I sent £100 from my UK account to UAE on Monday and was in my UAE account by Wednesday - slower than what I’m used to (my old bank took a few hours). However the amount that credited my account in UAE wasn’t the same amount I sent from the UK (it was 30AED less). I assume these are fees that aren’t being explained at the start of the process and I’ll be feeding this back via feedback. All fees need to be upfront.


with SWIFT the only way to guarantee the exact amount to be received is making the transfer “OUR” instead of “SHA”. unfortunately we don’t have the option to choose and intermediaries will take their cut from the beneficiary’s money


it is IMHO unacceptable to have intermediaries take a cut.

You want to send a set amount to pay an invoice or mortgage etc and need that exact amount to arrive, not some random lesser amount leaving the payment short!


That’s great but not explained anywhere and therefore who is it fault? I already pay a fee to Starling for the transfer and is explained during the process. I’m not told however that I’ll lose any more money.

With my previous banks I always paid all fees. So “OUR” as you say. I’m unable to confirm what the receiving fees are but my bank here confirms it isn’t 30AED so not sure what/why I lost 30AED.

Just another thing Starling need to figure out.


Just who typically might these intermediaries be?


any bank between starling and the beneficiary’s. the banks have accounts on other banks and so the money moves hopping. each of them might charge a fee.

it is perfectly possible the beneficiary’s bank itself charged these 30AED for the kindness of crediting it… or anyone in between in exchange of alleged processing costs unfortunately


And that’s fine. I’m happy to pay if I’m TOLD in advance. My bank here has confirmed, and I’ve seen the price list, that they don’t charge money for receiving payments - and when they do it’s more than 30AED. So a bit of a mystery.

Regardless. Starling is at fault for not explaining upfront. I’d be horrified if this was a large payment I’d sent and perhaps the swift fee was higher - I wouldn’t have any recourse or recovery. I only sent a small amount to test out the service.


considering how limited the offering of international payments Starling has it shouldn’t be hard for them to collect the list of costs on each of them and show a final price in advance. then you can choose “I send N GBP” or “They receive N AED”.