How to make an international payment


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I see we have an IBAN / BIC, how do we send to an IBAN in the app? I click add payee, and I can’t see how to change it from “UK Account” (with fields for only sort-code + account number)?

Why are international payment values changing!?
International Payments outside the EU

It is not possible at the moment. You have to use Azimo or similar services


I think Revolut gives me the best experience of all similar services to transfer money between UK accounts and/or SEPA euro accounts. The fact you can keep separate balances in currencies in Revolut and transfer back and forth makes it absolutely fantastic. Plus you get your own SEPA euro IBAN account.

Hopefully won’t be needed for much longer once Starling adds SEPA transfers and euro accounts.


Yes, Revolut do what they do well, and expanding their list of currencies has helped.

Starling’s decision to enable foreign currency transactions in addition to creating the co-existing euro account next year is a game-changer.


Just spotted this old thread and thought we could turn it into a space for any customer support queries now that International Payments are now available. If you need help, give us a shout our check out our website here:

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