How to change username on forum?


How do we change username on forum?

If I click on user picture, and the cog, there is no pen icon next to user name?

cc @sarah.guha


According to Hugh at the Monzo forum he has that option but standard users don’t seem to, so i’d assume @Oliver_Wright or @LoganAllan would need to do it from their end?

Or maybe @JamesPratley since you’re still about at the moment! Don’t want to leave you out!


It’s not possible to change it yourself, the option isn’t enabled. But one of the forum Admins can change it for you.


Try contacting @StarlingSupport on here


Hey @NeilMortonNet

I can get it changed for you.

I’ll send you a DM and then we can get that sorted :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the replies.

I just replied to the DM.


All done :slightly_smiling_face:


From what I saw last week, the quickest way to get it changed is if you have the c word in it.:joy:


The funny thing is that i kinda glossed over that. I saw the original, thought “Nah, it can’t actually say that, my brain clearly read one word as a quite different one.” and moved on, then the next time i saw it had already changed… :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Even better was the excuse that it had pulled his username over from Twitter. Oh ok then. Like that’s an appropriate username on anything!?! WTF?:joy::joy::joy: