How much will it cost to send money abroad?



The amount you pay when you send a foreign exchange payment will vary depending on the amount you want to send and the delivery method you choose.

A delivery fee is applied based on the delivery method you choose and taken from the GBP amount you want to send from your Starling account. We’re always upfront about rates and we’ll never add hidden charges or markups to any of our fees.

We’ll then apply a 0.4% fee on the currency conversion. You’ll always know exactly how much a foreign exchange payment will cost you before choosing to go ahead.

If you need a payment to get there quickly, you can pay a flat rate of £5.50 to make a straightforward bank-to-bank payment via SWIFT, which is taken from the full amount you’re sending. Alternatively, can send your payment via a local network of partner banks, which can take a little longer for some currencies, but prices start at just 30p per transfer.