How Many Starling Users?


Apologies if this has been asked before or there is a thread etc. (and if there is please shut this topic!) but I did do a search before asking. :slight_smile:

How many Starling users are there, roughly? Does anyone know?



Good question - anyone out there know?


Hi, this is something I have asked previously and this is not something Starling are sharing currently. They are more focused of getting the best UX rather than focusing on user numbers at this stage. Hope this helps.


I guess the only indication (I was going to say data but I don’t think it really is) of numbers of users is this very forum which currently stands at 687

Of course not every user will have an account and certainly not everyone with an account is a user here. But it’s the only thing I could even use to guesstimate.

I would definitely hope that it’s more than ~600!


I suspect Starling will only release the figures to the press at major milestones (100k, 250k, 500k etc). But as Joe has said, user growth is not the goal right now.


I suspect they may need to lower their goal numbers.

I think outside tech savvy folk, new banks will need to make a hard push once they get to 20k.

Starling had 500 users before they opened up beta in April. I know 3 people who have an account that wouldn’t see any point to joining a forum (its not even linked in the app). Maybe somewhere between active users and twitter followers gives an idea. A few thousand…

Monzo had 2.5k users before they sent out 6k invites over two days to exhaust their waiting list of test users who met the criteria of having a card six months. Assuming there’s another 10k on the list of less than six months, its under 20k by Xmas.

These banks are gonna need adverts or something when they make the push.


Interesting, and good point about accessing the forum in-app. Be good to see that on the road map.


Another measure I just thought of…android play store downloads. Its on >10k as of now. But there’s a lot of cavietes…leavers…download but not used…doesn’t include apple store…

I guess we won’t know until they tell us.

I must be where it wants to be if they keep getting their trenches of cash released by investor. :confused:


I was only wondering because the recent Tweet that was put out said “From 1,000 to 1,000,000”. It hadn’t even crossed my mind before. I know that Bulb (energy, which I’ve been signed up to since early days if anyone wants a referral code! :wink: ) recently hit 100k members and I was moderately interested/excited to know I was member #14566

Agree that their focus will be on user experience etc. for now, but just curious of a rough figure.


I got the impresssion from the recent Starling Developer Podcast that it was probably in the tens of thousands given the way they were talking about scaling up


I hadn’t even thought of the Play Store! Good spot!


I know quite a few Starling customers not on the community, so community numbers won’t be anywhere near accurate. Us guys in the community are not your average customer :smile: :nerd_face:


No I didn’t think it would be but it was the only figure I could think of! @lozfromcorby has already corrected me saying Google Play is another metric that it’s going to be far more realistic!


Just to clarify that, Monzo now has over 400k users & a lot more than 6k users have had an account for more than 6 months :slight_smile:

To pick up on the earlier comments - I’d have a think about the implications of Starling’s main objective not being to sign up users at this point. I don’t know whether or not that’s the case but that could be quite significant. I’ve seen plenty of advertising, including Facebook ads that only promote the benefits of the service for travel, from Starling already.


Over and above the actual numbers, I’m really interested in the geographical spread.

Is it mainly London or evenly spread throughout the UK (I recall there’s at least one on the IOW - maybe the only one :flushed:).

I wonder who lives in the oddest place?

Only thinking aloud, mind you. :relieved:


I’m aware of that, but the waiting list for those actively seeking out a CA account is exhausted when it comes to that criteria (card over six months)

My friend signed up two days ago and got an invite almost instantly. He’d had a card for a year or so.

Like I said above, above 20k challenger banks will need to go all out in my opinion.

Keep an eye on the live tracker, I bet i’m close.


Lets wait until the end of the year to see how much interest there is in Monzo’s current accounts :wink:


Does it really matter? Do we really care who has the most users now or in the future?

If you prefer Starling, go with Starling. If you prefer Monzo, go with Monzo.

Personally, I want both to succeed.


Spot on :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I know there’s at least 3 of us in South Yorkshire. Other than that, I’ve not seen any other Starling users ‘in the wild’ but then I don’t really go many places where I would see a load of cards being waved about.