How long for a pre-auth to drop off?


Wondering if there’s a hard time limit on pre-auths? Have a £1 pre-auth from December 27th that’s still hanging around (was a card-check pre-auth when I added my card to my smart parking account at Westfield White City). Just curious how long it’ll take to fall off.

It’s something that no bank does, but a visible expiry date on pre-auths would be so useful - assuming it can even be done.


From my experience it varies depending on supplier. A bit like foreign transactions with the estimated to final rate per transaction.
Some have been a day others a couple of days but I’m told 7 days max


It wouldn’t be possible for a bank to give you a date, it’s down the the retailer to either finalise the pre-auth or if they don’t then at the end of 5 working days the bank releases the amount back to you.

With some companies they automatically refund a pre-auth and that will take around 12-48 hours to appear in your account, some process them differently, so could take longer.