How did you name your business?


Hi everyone! I work on comms, copy and marketing at Starling and have been speaking to lots of Business customers about their stories.

We’re keen to create a space for businesses to share with others - whether that be advice or services they might offer - to create a Starling for Business community which revolves around your company and how we can help each other.

As suggested here:

We also want to share your business stories and tips for starting a company. Our latest blog was on Naming your business and we’ll be sharing business stories in the coming weeks. I always love hearing how people named their business so do share your story below and if you would like to be one of our featured businesses, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Naming a Business
Starling Business Corner Idea

I’ve just read a really interesting Starling post about naming a business. It’s really informative. In this article there’s reference about the Starling Bank and the fact that they’re proud of the word ‘Bank’. I wonder why the word ‘Bank’ doesn’t appear on the app? Simple thing but I’d be interested as to why when throughout the app Starling Bank is used and even the first screen that open in the app says ‘Starling Bank’. Any ideas @LoganAllan? I’m not trying to point out anything here, I’m just really interested as to the thought process and was it a conscious decision.



This is a bit out of my scope, I can ask around and find out for you though


@Charlotte_Lorimer - do you have any insight with the above that you can share please?


Ah sorry, forgot to update you.

It has to do with the name ‘Starling Bank’ being too long on certain iOS devices. On smaller devices the limit is 12 characters before is forms an ellipsis. So on the smaller iPhones it would display as ‘Starling B…’


Has dealing with the community finally sent you over the edge so you’re now having convos with yourself @LoganAllan ?


I would blame it on it being Monday morning but it’s after 12:00 :wink:


…and Thursday


Glad you liked the blog and thanks for your question! As @LoganAllan says, it’s to do with the character limit, which is something else I should have put in the blog to think about. Long names can affect Twitter handles as well as there is a 15 character limit for this.


@LoganAllan @Charlotte_Lorimer - great response, thanks. That makes perfect sense and I fully see why. There’s nothing worse than this. Someone at TfL needs shooting. And this is on my massive iPhone 8 Plus. Wouldn’t you just shorten it shorten was at least legible? Surely shortened is better than a string of meaningless rubbish?





Took a foreign word relating to what my business is about - and then amended it slightly to make it sound more appealing for English!


My company is called The Milk Men. We are IT managed service provider for companies that employ up to 75 people.

The Milk Men has two origin stories but the name is supposed to reflect the type of service we offer. Traditionally Milk Men provide a fairly invisible service. Your milk is there when you wake up, you leave your empties for collection, and we aim to deliver IT in the same fashion. The underlying service is delivered in the background and just works. (You can probably tell but I am still working on the message :smiley: )


That sounds great - love that concept! Let me know if you’d like to share the story of how you started your business :slightly_smiling_face: