How create/export statements in the Android app?


I am running Version and everything works fine except, that there is nothing in the UI that allows me to view or export statements.

On the Home Screen (the screen that has the balance and a turquoise circle) bottom right, there is a small turquoise circle with some lines running through (to look like a statement) and when I hit that, I get a page showing all transactions, but there is nothing in that screen’s UI (or any of the screens) that even gives a hint about statements or the ability to export.

Where in the UI should I find statements and the ability to export tem?


Click on Account Management, then on Account Information, and you will see Statements, you can export them to CSV or PDF


Bring back the swipe, then there won’t be any confusion with that button!


I’ve just tried to export both PDF and CSV files, and it seems to try and perform a share as opposed to downloading the actual file? So the only options I have are share with Outlook, WhatsApp, OneDrive, Google Drive etc?? I just want to be able to download the physical file. Anyone else have this issue?


Which OS @dave? On Android, one of the options should be to save the file.


Yeah, Android. I’m on a Samsung Note 8. None of the options are to save the file? :thinking:


Yep you are right, there is no option to save if anymore.


Ah. Not just me then? I’ve not exported a statement for a while, so wasn’t sure if I was missing something?


I have a Pixel 2 XL and get a “Save as…” option.


I save them to my Google drive folder, then they are automatically synced to my computer too.

I have a file manager installed, but when I use that “share” option it says not permitted or something. Very odd.


I also just save directly to Google Drive :+1:t2:


I’m pretty sure it used to allow me to save off though? Not sure what’s changed?



You have got it. Heaven knows why it is hidden in there…

I was able to save as a CSV and PDF directly into a Onedrive folder - so I am happy.

Thanks all!