High fees?


Starling are known for their very fair rates and fees (or lack of fees!) but I’m disturbed by a couple of things I’ve just read in the new FAQ posts…

Losing your card abroad - basically, don’t do it. £60 to have a replacement delivered to you! :open_mouth:

Also, £20 for a certified copy of a bank statement! I needed 12 months’ worth of these a few years ago from the Cooperative Bank and they did it in the branch, while I waited, for free.

Wonder if we can pay in instalments…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think the service of getting a card to you quickly abroad is a nice thing to have, even if it is quite expensive.


If they are sending it by a priority service then £60 isn’t that unreasonable. A priority service to Europe with insurance costs just under £20. To the USA about £25 and elsewhere around £30. That’s not including printing or anything else.

So they probably just about cover costs and by charging that its discouraging people ordering one if they don’t really need one.


£20 and it can take up to 5 days. Usually people need them quite quickly :thinking:


This is per request though. I’d hope a request for 12 months of certified statements was a single request.

Post Office charges £10.50.

Starling are pricey but saves you having to queue in the PO, I guess? :man_shrugging:


I’m sure there are banks who do it free of charge - maybe not, happy to be corrected.

What about the £20 charge for a certified copy of a statement? I’ll be trying to get an improved mortgage deal when my current fixed rate ends in December - I hope I haven’t made a mistake switching my main banking to Starling. Can’t afford to fork out for 12, 6 or even 3 months’ statements!


I’m glad i sneaked in 10 days or so back for this , although the company hasn’t said they actually received it so maybe i’ll have to get it done again at £20 :see_no_evil:


Yes some banks do it free of charge, but that’s purely a business choice, they are absorbing the costs.

If its £20 per request then that’s not unreasonable, however £20 a statement is expensive.


It will be £20 per request, there’s no way it would be £20 per statement.


My request was for a 1 page statement though :joy::joy::joy:




What does certified even mean? I remember getting a statement stamped at a branch once because if you print them there is a watermark saying it’s an online statement.


Essentially, someone trustworthy has certified that the copies presented/produced are a true likeness of the original document/s.


It is a little eye watering.

I was going to add ‘but how often will it really be necessary’ but I guess that when you need this stuff, you really need it so there really is no choice but to pay.


In this case there isn’t much alternative. You can’t for example get the Post Office to certify Starlings statements for half the price.

But unlike traditional banks that might well provide it for free. Traditional banks charge for overseas ATM usage, foreign exchange etc.


The thing is, at the end of the day what we were all saying to Starling with regards to sending replacements overseas was “we will pay if we have to, but we need to know that the facility is there” and to be fair to them Starling reacted, quickly, and provided the facility. It’s more than double what i expected having sent things abroad securely pretty often, i’d imagine to avoid all but the most determined customers taking advantage of it, but it’s now there, without the worry of if ‘in exceptional circumstances’ may mean on the day the answer is no.


That sums it up perfectly, yes its £60 but you have lost the worry of being stranded abroad without a card if the need arises.


£60 is nothing in an emergency. However if you were abusing the card and using it outside of the designed terms, then I think the £60 would make you seriously reconsider. I’m sure this is what it’s designed to do too as well as cover costs.


With TSB (only bank I’ve grabbed a certified copy from) it’s literally applying a stamp to each page of a printed from a regular printer, printed copy of your latest bank statement.

I found the staff friendly and there was no fee to do it; was told I could come back for another anytime.

Although I don’t think £20 per request (not per months statement) considering the admin required is too bad.


Timely edit :wink:… correct message conveyed now.