Hide the Switch to Starling menu item


I’ve manually switched to Starling, rendering the ‘Switch to Starling’ menu item pretty useless for me. Being able to hide this item or have it switched off for my account from the backend would be very useful.


The switching thing should really be a one-off prompt when setting up your account, with three options - do it now, ask me later (in which case it keeps the current behavior of having a CASS option prominently displayed in the app) or don’t ask me again (in which case the option should be buried somewhere deep in settings just in the unlikely case you need it later on).


Yeah, I switched using CASS and it’s still there. Not sure why.


In theory you can do CASS multiple times if you want to switch from one than one account. But I do agree the option should be less prominent after the first switch.


Thanks for your feedback. It is possible for users to full switch more than one bank account to Starling and if you choose a partial switch on iOS you can also manage the transfer of individual payments many times which is why the option to Switch to Starling persists in our menu. I understand your feedback though and certainly gives us something to consider.


Now that it’s so easy to open current accounts, it’s not unlikely that some existing Starling customers will open additional accounts elsewhere, then subsequently decide to switch out of them to their main Starling.

For that reason I’d leave it where it is. Given you have to tap the cog on the home screen to access the option, it doesn’t feel particularly prominent.


OK, that makes sense that you can do it multiple times.

It just feels slightly out of place next to features that you use everyday / week, such as pay, goals ect. Even if you do it multiple times, there would come a time when you stop using it almost completely? Perhaps it belongs as a setting in Account Management? You have Account Details in there, which is something I use far more frequently. Personally if I had the choice I would swap Switch to Starling and Account Details.


We are looking at the hierarchy in our menu and so we will bear this in mind for sure. Thanks.


Today’s release sorts this! Thank you!!