Hidden fees?


Hidden fees for spending money abroad?
My account balance was £6.66 yesterday. £6.60 at the morning. Now - £5.83. There are no any transactions since yesterday?


That doesn’t sound right?! :worried:

I’d get straight onto CS (if you haven’t already)


agree with @dave I would contact customer service about the monies going down as sounds strange to me @Mogolent


You mention “spending money abroad”. Was this very recently?

Have any of the foreign transaction amounts changed in your transaction history?

If the exchange rate changed between the date you used your card and the date the merchant presented the payment, you will pay the higher amount.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t notify you when a transaction amount changes.

Has CS provided any feedback?


Yes, I believe its the difference between ‘pending’ and confirmed.


Simply put, no hidden fees for using your card abroad.

When you make a non GBP transaction, the amount shown is with the current exchange rate. When the merchant claims the money, the exchange rate at that time is used resulting in a different ‘final amount’

Starling will not add any fees or charges when using your card abroad. Mastercard foreign exchange rates will apply for transactions outside the UK or online in foreign currency. It’s also free to withdraw domestic and foreign cash from an ATM outside the UK (remember you may be charged by the ATM provider, the same as in the UK). - https://www.starlingbank.com/faq/

Mastercard exchange rates can be found here