Hello Monzo


Loving the welcome tweet :smiley:


Nice touch, folks :grinning:


For the record, @JamesPratley, you got rated as the more effusive performer of the bunch.


Fintech’s Got Talent?


How nice to see starling welcome Monzo on their doorstep.


They’ll be able to have lunch dates together :laughing:


I refer you to this thread. A challenge has just gone down.

Starling team - please call an urgent meeting. This could be a huge fintech event…


Or it could be a friendly hug together. :wink:


Steady on…:flushed:


Teal vs Coral :wave::wave::wave:


Is this the point i admit that I was the original Paul in S Club 7?! I saw how much the talent were going to be paid got paid and decided working as part of their team was a far wiser move… :see_no_evil:


Probably not…


12 million record sales suggest otherwise. I have a total of 6. Of which 6 were purchased by my mother.


Then congrats are definitely in order :grin:


Haha, at least your mum bought your stuff…I’ve got 3 comics out and my mam hasn’t even bought a single one of them! :joy: (Not that I’m expecting her too BTW!)


I do my absolute best :tipping_hand_man:t2:


I’m avoiding the Monzo community thread somewhat as I suspect I’ll agree with it too much, despite adopting Starling first though being involved in Monzo (then Mondo) from day one.

Just looking at the first post, the ‘professional’ factor and Starling being first to most things keep me here. Though both have downsides, for example: being more closed-off, and being first to things like Apple Pay due to using a third-party processor.


I’m tempted to post a pic of my Hot Coral card, which I just received to try out :smile:, in the spirit of being welcoming. :stuck_out_tongue: I will say it’s brighter than you think.

But I’ve avoided Monzo from launch, and being offered shares, so I’m relucant to go there. I’ve been a Starling guy from day one, so I’m standing my ground. :grin: Maybe a teal card, the exact inverse, would help… :blush:


You won’t be branded a traitor if you sign up for both accounts, you know? Many have both, it seems.

And why not? They’re both challenging the high street (and other) banks. Believe it or not, they’re not in competition with each other - that would be a waste of energy.

Teal and coral don’t look too bad sat side by side. Which is just as well, because Starling and Monzo have just become neighbours in Finsbury Avenue.

Enjoy the journey. :grinning:


Too right. Both Starling and Monzo are very good. I’m using both banks extensively.

There is no need to choose a side. :grinning: